Army Media Day 2007


1) FN Mag (GPMG)
2) Pakistan-made RMPG-7
3) McMillan 50 calibre rifle (compnay has close-shop)
4) FN SAW (the only new gun on display)
5) Condor APC (the same vehicle used in Somalia 1991)

Three weeks back I attended the 2007 Army Media Day in conjunction of Army Day. There was a shooting competition for the media personnel and VVIPs. As usual the Army hold an exhibition-cum-contest during the event which basically tries to highlight its capability.

Although the Army prides itself as “The Bulwark of the Nation’s Defence” I have to say that the equipment shown guns and vehicles are almost antique.

A force which is the bulwark of the nation should receive the first priority shouldn’t it but from what was shown (the Special Forces was conspicuously absent) the Army main combat arms (the infantry and mechanised units) are getting older, with no quick solutions on the horizon.

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