The story below speaks volume. Every one else apparently chose something esle. Our forces. meanwhile, are following the US military by opting to use the M4 despite the well publicised problems with it.

The US military has a good reason. It is willing to wait for a laser gun to replace the M16/M4 series. Our excuse? None, although I have some idea why. It is libelous though!

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4.13.2007: The Norwegian Army adopts HK416 and places order for 8,200 units. After 11 years, the search for a rifle to replace the AG-3 is over. First units expected to be delivered in November. Order is worth $16.7 million. New rifles to be fitted with Aimpoints in an order worth $8.3 million.

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Shah Alam


  1. malaysian army procuremnet unit is so ***** to buy M4 after everybody know the gun does not performed well in iraq and afghanistan. Marhalim edit: I approved your comment with a small editing even though I disagree with your choice of words. Its easy to criticise rank and file soldiers but one must remember that they are just there “theirs are to serve and die and not to reason why”

  2. marhalim….they are there to do the right thing under all conditions, peace and war. If they disagree….they should put it on record and damn the torpedoes. Our servicemen are citizens and not automatons of the state.


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