Veteran Shipbuilder Appointed CEO of TH Heavy Engineering

Ahmad Yusof, the newly appointed CEO of TH Heavy Engineering.

SHAH ALAM: Veteran shipbuilder Ahmad Yusof Mohamad,65, has been appointed as the chief executive officer of TH Heavy Engineering Bhd (THHE) effective February 1, the company, a subsidiary of Urusharta Jamaah Sdn Bhd announced in a statement.

NST reported that THHE said

as an independent non-executive director since March 2021 and chairman of executive committee since October 2021, Ahmad Yusof haf been instrumental in driving the company’s vision, strategic direction, policies and structure.

“He has been spearheading the company’s efforts to strengthen its financial position and prospects in line with its regularisation strategy,” it said in a statement.

THHE said Ahmad Yusof brought more than 40 years of technical and managerial experience at various levels in the fields of shipbuilding, ship repair and oil and gas (O&G)

Prior to joining THHE, the company said Ahmad Yusof held various leadership roles including chief operating officer of Grade One Marine Shipyard Sdn Bhd, chief executive officer of MSET Shipbuilding Corporation Sdn Bhd and head of operation at Muhibbah Marine Engineering Sdn Bhd.

He also served at PSC Naval Dockyard Sdn Bhd, Penang Ship & Construction Sdn Bhd as well as Malaysia Shipyard and Engineering Sdn Bhd.

He holds a Bachelor of Science (Engineering Management) and a Master Degree of Art Business Administration.

He is also a member of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, USA, and a member of The American Welding Society.

“We are confident that his extensive experience and capabilities as a professional veteran in the industry will bode well for the company as we move forward in our strategic plans and tap into viable opportunities ahead,” THHE said.

Ahmad Yusof’s appointment as CEO of THHE is clearly an indication that the company wants to pursue shipbuilding in its future undertaking. If you forget, THHE is the builder of the three MMEA OPV of which the first one has yet to be launched. THHE’s future has been questioned recently as it was suspended by Bursa Malaysia for the company’s financial status.

Kedah, while she was still call Business Focus One back in 2002.

I met the new THHE CEO way back in 2002 in Lumut when he was the senior general manager of PSC Naval Dockyard Sdn Bhd which was given the contract to build the six NGPVs, now known as the Kedah class in the RMN. He later went to Grade One Marine Shipyard Sdn Bd, also located in Lumut after the NGPV programme went haywire mostly to the fault of the PSC-NDSB owner, Amin Shah.
Tun Fatimah at its launch cradle in late February 2021. Malaysian Defence via source

Lets hope Ahmad Yusof will be able to ensure at least the completion of the three OPV under contract, within this year before anything else.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. If all he could do back in PSC was sit at front row and watch the NGPV project crash & burn, what made THHE think he could do something with their predicament? What they needed is a top exec with track record of turning troubled companies around back to sustainability & profits. He might be a good chap and maybe the right chap for this job when it was doing better, but is he the right chap for this job at this time?

  2. Hope he can salvage that MMEA OPV project ASAP or else it will turn into another unnecessary fiasco like that godforsaken LCS..Speaking of which what the latest updates on MMEA OPV? Sure they will not turn into another ‘gagah samudera-esque’ problem right?

  3. “He cannot do much”
    I know there was no such thing as whistleblower protection back in those days, but someone that senior in his role, surely he must have an idea ahead things are going badly wrong and he should have told someone, ANYONE, about this predicament, and even if he decided not to blurt it out he has a duty to cushion the fallout as best possible.

    As someone in between the levels in my working role, I can tell you senior management are fully aware of such foreshadowings, even sometimes covering up or delaying to inform. By then the fallout, such like PSC fiasco, is hugely felt by all the stakeholders & especially the downlines, but the senior management had already been in their lifeboats when they announced Abandon Ship.

  4. As I said the boss was stealing the money with the knowledge of the higher ups, and the higher ups in this instance were basically the leaders of the country.

  5. @joe
    The next best thing to do is resign and go somewhere else.

    Whatever it was, he must prove himself that he can deliver those 3 OPVs without any additional fiasco.

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