More RHIBs for the Navy

A RMN RHIB delivered in 2020. Note the shark mouth on the front of the RHIB. RMN.

SHAH ALAM: More RHIBs for the navy. The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) has taken delivery of 11 Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) from the manufacturer, MSET Inflatable Composite Sdn Bhd (MSET) at the Lumut naval base today.

The RHIBs, worth RM8.2 million, were handed over by MSET Holdings Sdn Bhd managing director Aminudin Mat Yusof to RMN Special Forces Command chief First Admiral Mohd Redzuan Taib, RMN said in a release today. The RHIBs were ordered as part of the procurement for Ops Benteng, the operation against the smugglers and human traffickers to stop the spread of Covid 19.

A demo of the RHIBs as part of the delivery ceremony on December 7, 2020. RMN

The RHIBs were manufactured by MSET at its facility in Kuala Terengganu and was completed within eight weeks, as per the contract. RMN said the delivery of the RHIBs will go in a long way towards the success of Op Benteng, which is being coordinated by the National Task Force.

A close up of the RHIB. Note the shark mouth on the front of the RHIB. RMN.

It is likely the RHIBs are similar to the ones, MSET is supplying to the Army under another contract, also part of the Op Benteng procurement drive.

The 11 new RHIBs lined up at the Lumut naval base. RMN

I cannot find the tender for the RMN RHIB contract on the ePerolehan website though. It is likely that it was a variation order from another contract already awarded to MSET.

The new Paskal being put on to its paces. RMN chief Admiral Reza Sani was onboard, hence the four star flag. RMN

The specifications for the new RMN RHIB.
Length: 26 foot
Engine: Twin Yamaha otuboards
Speed: 44 knots
Capacity: 12 personnel

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. RHIBs need to be regularly recapitalised and we have plenty of builders locally for such boats.

    Probably because this is an UOR for Ops Benteng, it is a variation order of an already previously awarded tender. IMO anything that we need more of the same, we should just continue with an already awarded tender, or create an Indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract.

  2. just watched bulletin utama on the RHIB.

    From the footage you can see both KD Mutiara 255 and KD Hang Tuah 76 tied together alongside in Lumut. Outwardly they still look shipshape. Hopefully something like what is done to the FACs can be done to KD Hang Tuah.

  3. Relife KD Hang Tuah….. when we don’t even have sufficient money to complete LCS. Spending money we don’t have on a ships we can’t use. Great.

  4. You can always put in the clause to relife KD Hang Tuah in any new projects. So any winning bidder for a new MRSS or anything also need to do KD Hang Tuah as offset.

    KD Hang Tuah can be the platform to say really develop our local CMS, and to test any locally developed systems before being installed into our frontline frigates for example. So our frontline frigates are not being used for trial and error of unproven products.

    It would also be a useful hull in the water for anything like ops benteng, while keeping a very historical ship in a good operational condition so it really will survive into the future.

    Its difficult to show the full picture of what my idea is when many important things that i want to say are censored by Marhalim.

  5. Relife KD Hang Tuah….. not when we have not enough money and offsets are just plain silly as it only jacks up prices of what we gonna buy.

    If we want to keep it, bring it up on land and build a building over it as a museum. If we cannot afford it or afford to keep as floating museum out in the elements, keep certain mementos in TLDM Museum and scrap the ship or else scuttle the ship as symbolic permanent guard in our side of Spratlys.

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