Long Range Radars for Malaysia and Indonesia

SHAH ALAM: Long range radars for Malaysia and Indonesia. The US announced on June 8 a notice of proposed contract action to Lockheed Martin for the supply of three long range radars to Malaysia and Indonesia. The $77 million contract is expected to be completed within 48 months once it is awarded. The notice published by the US General Services Administration did not identify the type of radar to be contracted nor the exact numbers for Malaysia and Indonesia. So its likely the two countries will get two radars or one.

Description: AFLCMC/HBNK intends to award a contract utilizing FAR Part 15 Contracting by Negotiation. This will be under NAICS code 334511 (1,250 employees). This effort is to acquire up to three transportable solid-state long-range surveillance radars. These radars must be capable of simultaneously performing air surveillance and maritime surveillance missions in the South East Asia
Theatre. The objective is to provide secure interoperable C3I and Sensor systems supporting Joint Air Operations to US Government FMS customers. These solutions provide partner nations with secure mission capability, able to interoperate both within sovereign space, and provide connectivity and interoperability with U.S. military support forces. This period of performance will be 48 months (4 years).
(14) Place of Contract Performance. Malaysia and Indonesia

TPS-77 MMR Multi-Role Radar – Designed for ultra-low power consumption and is the most transportable version of the TPS-77 product line.

A check on the Lockheed Martin website showed that the TPS-77 Multi Role Radar fits the above missions in the notice which is to perform air surveillance and maritime surveillance missions. So it is likely that the TPS-77 MRR is the radar for the proposed contract.

Lockheed Martin recently completed production on the first TPS-77 Multi-Role Radar (TPS-77 MRR) for the Ministry of Defence for the Republic of Latvia. This milestone is the most recent event in a 15-year partnership of radar development and training between Latvia and Lockheed Martin. The TPS-77 MRR is the latest version in Lockheed Martin’s successful product line of surveillance radars and was developed in response to the evolving needs of armed forces on the battlefield.

The TPS-77 MRR is equipped with the latest technology that is quickly adaptable to a variety of surveillance missions. The radar’s multi-role single scan technology allows operators in specific sectors to select roles for the radar such as long range or medium range low-level flight surveillance, including helicopter detection.

As the radar rotates through each 360-degree scan, the system automatically adjusts to the operator selected mission. Changes can be made easily if the system is moved or if the mission is changed. The design also incorporates Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology. GaN provides for ultra-low power consumption and high reliability that ensures radar operation over extended time periods.
The TPS-77 MRR is adaptable to a variety of surveillance missions.

The MRR combines the best performance and reliability in the surveillance industry into a mobile and cost effective package. The radar can be truck mounted for rapid deployment at unprepared sites and can also be dismounted for use at fixed sites. This gives the user more options and mobility on the ever-changing battlefield.

TPS-77 Air Surveillance Radar – Transportable version of the FPS-117, the radar can be configured for C-130, C-17, truck, rail or helicopter transport.

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