Defence Contract

Lockheed Martin Radar For Malaysia

SHAH ALAM: Lockheed Martin has been awarded a firm contract from the US government to supply a long range air surveillance radar including support and training for the RMAF. The radar is likely the one to be gifted to Malaysia by the US as reported previously. Although the announcement did […]

Defence Contract

Tender for A Single Long Range Radar

SHAH ALAM: The Defence Ministry today has issued a request for bids for a single 3D long range surveillance radar for the Royal Malaysian Air Force. Only representatives from companies with the authorised letter from the original equipment manufacturers, system providers and integrators will be allowed to purchase the tender […]

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New Radars for ESSCOM by Next Year

SHAH ALAM: THE new Spexer 2000 radars for ESSCOM is expected to be operational, next year. An Airbus Defence and Space released confirmed the five radars will be delivered in 2016. Malaysian Defence reported about the radars in a previous post. Apart from the new and old radars, UAVs, and […]

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Malaysian Defence

Sabah Radars

KUALA LUMPUR: Reader ShahF has been kind enough enough to forward this press release for us who are still puzzled by the radar stories by Bernama. The press release said that the contract was awarded by the US Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command worth US$30 million for both Indonesia […]