Operators Or Good Old Fashioned Infantry

SHAH ALAM: The Malaysian battalion set to go to Lebanon under the UN banner will comprise 160 special forces operators and 200 soldiers for administrative and logistics purposes.

I can understand the need for SF to be in midst things but Unifil mission profile does not actually support the need for so many highly trained operators.

Basically Unifil mission at the moment is a just a glorified guard duty and extra allowance paid by the world body (about one thousand US dollars per month).

It is perhaps better to send a detachment of 20 operators for emergency roles like hostage rescue and such, and leave the mundane duty to normal infantry.

Since the operators outnumbers the soldiers, they have to do all the mundane stuff normally done by the infantry.

Do you really expect operators to do guard duty?

They will be bored out of their life and its a sheer waste of resources.

I noticed in the last few years that SF has gained a lot of attention in this country. So much that ordinary infantry seemed to be never good enough for anything.

I am not saying that our SF are no good, I think they are the best in the world bar none, but ignoring our infantrymen, I think is not a really wise idea.

–Malaysian Defence

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