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Beechcraft 200T King Air M41-03 pictured taking off from Subang on Dec. 19. This was the same aircraft which crash on Dec. 21. The crash placed the MPA requirement back into the funding cycle.

SHAH ALAM: The Beechcraft B200T M41-03 crash late last year has been classified as a training hazard. Deputy Defence Minister Datuk Seri Johari Baharum told the Dewan Rakyat today (March 16) that an investigation into the Dec. 21 crash had ruled out technical issues as the cause of the crash.

Beechcraft 200T King Air M41-03 pictured taking off from Subang on Dec. 19. This was the aircraft which crash on Dec. 21

From NST

Mohd Johari Baharum (BN-Kubang Pasu) said the accident, which killed the pilot and injured three officers, has been classified as a Training Hazard.

“The board of inquiry concluded that the accident occurred while the trainee co-pilot was performing an Asymmetric Circuit Flight (simulating one engine not functioning). This is compulsory training for all RMAF pilots while undergoing aircraft transition courses,” he told the House.

He said, following the crash, RMAF sent a test pilot to a simulator centre in Texas, the United States to conduct an assessment on the crash.

“The results of the assessment showed no technical problems and the Beechcraft B200T is allowed to resume operations,” he said.

He said the injured officers received treatment.

“Lt Hamdi Hanifi only suffered minor cuts to his forehead and is back at work. Captain Wai Lik and Sergeant Mohd Sofi Azizan sustained major injuries. They are in stable condition and have been granted sick leave,” he said.

Asked by Ahmad Baihaki Atiqullah (Pas-Kubang Kerian) on steps the government had taken to reduce the risk of similar accidents from happening again, Johari said accidents are caused by many factors, including human error, technical difficulties and weather.

“When an air crash happens, we will form a committee to investigate the cause and take action to ensure similar incidents will not happen again.

“The age of a helicopter is not important, its maintenance is crucial. The Nuri helicopter, for example, has been in service for a long time and the fleet is still in use because we have maintained it properly,” he said.

Beechcraft 200T King Air M41-03 on static at the farewell parade for Jen Roslan Saad today (Dec. 21). It later crashed at Butteerworth airbase, killing the pilot while three other crew members escaped with injuries.

It is interesting to note that the deputy Minister did not really say why the Beechcraft crashed. Was it due to a combination of factors? It is likely that is why the crash was classified as a training hazard.

* edited to clarify that the deputy minister did not identify the cause. Also deleted  was my comment that it could be caused by human error.


— Malaysian Defence

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  1. 1. can i know who is the co-pilot among the 3? training hazard could mean that the there is no human error but caused by other factors such as sudden wind gusts etc etc.

    2. why isn’t this training undertaken in the 2 leased beechcraft from aerotree?

    3. why can’t this training be done in a simulator? this isn’t the 90’s. Off the shelf full motion hi fidelity simulator for beechcrafts can be had for just usd200k, not millions like in the olden days.

    Its the Captain. Yes it could probably not all related to human error. I am not sure why they didn’t used a simulator though the story says pilots undergoing conversion has to undergo such training.

  2. Obviously we’re not going to buy a new King Air or CN-235 as attrition replacements for crash losses. Does this mean some pilots and crew will lose their billets no longer needed?

    No lah they will adjust their flying schedule to accommodate the lack of one airframe.

  3. Yeah but I’m wondering why the Air Force would want to pay for more pilots than required. Unless they have not met the target crew:airframe ratio yet.

    Getting qualified pilots and engineers are more difficult than getting hardware

  4. @ AM

    Manpower resources training is a recurring mission. Current pilots will move on to higher posts so replacements are always needed to be trained.

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