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  1. Just came back from Dataran Merdeka. Well worth a visit though in terms of stuff on display, the one held at KLCC a few years ago was better. Paskal, Paskau and Gerak Khas all had stands there. Noticed some new night vision gear that I never knew was in service. Next to the Expal 81mm, was the Morfire but it was kept in its carrying case. Also found out that from an RMAF chap that there is no longer a Hawk detachment at Labuan.

    Marhalim: If you get pictures, pass it along, I will credit you for it. Perhaps the Hawk numbers were too low to have a detachment over there…

  2. Marhalim.

    Didn’t bring my camera but will try tomorow to go again for pics. I suspect the main problem with the Hawks in Labuan was logistics and not numbers. The Hawk 100 fleet has had a very high attrtion rate, about 4-5 out of the 10 have been written off. The Hawk 200s have fared better, with about 15 still available out of the original 18.

    It was interesting getting a close look at the Paskal camo uniform, which is a local copy of the US woodland variant.

  3. It’s sure does a nice place to be last weekend. It’s raining on Saturday but visitors still coming in braving the rain. I couldn’t help to notice two robotic prototype made by UPNM final year students. Sure hope that in near future, we could catch up our southern neighbours and device some sort of robotic equipment to be use in the field especially in recon and EOD.

  4. Army chap attached to the A109 squadron said that the Aloutte 111s are to be returned to the RMAF this year. All army rotary basic training will then be conducted privately at Ipoh.

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