No Sukhois for Merdeka

One of the Hornets landing at Subang on Tuesday.

KUALA LUMPUR: Long time readers will realise that Malaysian Defence lives in Shah Alam next to the Subang Airport.

So the last four days, we have experienced an impromptu air show by RMAF fighters landing at Subang after conducting flybys over Dataran for the rehearsal of Perarakan Raksasa for Merdeka.

Until Tuesday, I though the Sukhois were involved in the flybys but after joining a small number of enthusiasts next to the runway (Kampung Melayu Subang), I realise that that the latest and greatest RMAF fighter are not involved.

Hawks 208s were flying as well as the Mig-29 and the F/A-18 Hornets and the Hercules and the IPTN C-235s. The number of Hawks and Hornets flying remained consistent (two and four, respectively) but the Fulcrum roster seemed to change daily (on Tuesday only two were flying and today (Wednesday) three were in the air.

Why are the Sukhois not involved in Merdeka? Perhaps they are keeping the jets in Gong Kedak and they will only be flying on Merdeka day itself or RMAF do not have the pilots with the hours to fly them even for a simple flypast. I believe the second answer is more likely.

Anyhow, I will try to get up early to get pictures of the PT91 MBT of Tentera Darat, I was told the first batch had arrived already and a snall contingent will the debut during the Giant Parade. If you have further information email me

–Malaysian Defence

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