USS Kitty Hawk in Town

KUALA LUMPUR: For those puzzled by the large number of Americans in town, please note that the USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) , the last conventional aircraft carrier in US Navy active service, is in town.

She arrived at Port Klang over the weekend. As usual there was a news blackout, on both sides. I was supposed to go to Port Klang today to cover the ship but due to communication snafu I did not however.

When Kitty Hawk last arrived in 2000, I covered the ship for the NST.

The ship is NOT open to the public though, only the media and invited guests only. You can get arrested if you think you can gatecrashed the port to visit the carrier.

The only way you can get close (for those without invitation) is to layan the sailors (they include men and women) or take a boat ride to Port Klang. If you decide to layan lebih2 the sailors make sure you are protected and if by boat dont get too close, they got guards posted with rifles/machine guns armed with armour piercing bullets!

–Malaysian Defence

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