New Ship for MMEA

SHAH ALAM: New ship for MMEA. Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) officially took over JCG Erimo PL O2 from Japan Coast Guard, yesterday (Jan. 19, 2016). The handing over and renaming ceremony of the ship – now known as KM Pekan – took place at Innoshima Port in Hiroshima.

With the ceremony, Pekan is now the senior ship of the class. As you are aware, MMEA is getting two ex-JCG patrol ships, the Oki and Erimo. Oki will be re-named as KM Arau. MMEA posted the news of the handing over on its Facebook page.

Erimo CO Captain Captain Yamamoto shaking hands with Kepten Maritim Robert Teh Geok Chuan to signify the handing over of the Erimo to MMEA. Note the ship Pekan is behind them. MMEA


PULAU INNOSHIMA, 19 Januari : Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia hari ini melakar lagi sejarah baharu apabila dengan secara rasminya menerima Kapal JCG Erimo PL 02 dari Japan Coast Guard (JCG).

Majlis serah terima kapal JCG Erimo PL 02 berlangsung lebih kurang jam 12 tengahari tadi (waktu Malaysia) di Limbungan Pulau Innoshima, Jepun.

Pegawai Memerintah JCG Erimo PL 02 Captain Yamamoto secara rasminya telah menyerahkan kapal tersebut kepada Kepten Maritim Robert Teh Geok Chuan selaku Pegawai Memerintah KM Pekan.

Majlis penyerahan tersebut turut disaksikan oleh Laksamana Pertama Maritim Mohd Aliyas bin Hamdan, Pengarah Cawangan C3I Maritim Malaysia bersama barisan Pegawai Maritim Malaysia serta anak kapal JCG Erimo PL 02.


JCG Erimo PL O2 now known as KM Pekan.

Based on the statement above, it is likely that it was a hot transfer  – meaning that Erimo was still operational when it was handed over to MMEA. The statement did not mentioned about the other ship but from the picture we can assumed that the Oki/Arau was tied up next to Pekan. There was also no mention when Oki will be handed over to MMEA.

The crew of KM Pekan posed with JCG personnel at the handing over ceremony on Jan. 19. MMEA

The statement also did not say when Pekan is supposed to sail home. Its likely that they will train with the ship in Japan for at least three months  and returned home before Ramadan.

— Malaysian Defence

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