KA Tun Azizan and KD Jebat, Long in The Tooth

KA Tun Azizan. RMN

SHAH ALAM: IN the previous article, Malaysia Defence wrote that KA Tun Azizan – one of two auxiliary ships of the RMN – is having difficulties. She was towed to Sandakan in March or April this year from Semporna. She is also to be towed to the Shinyang Shipyard in Miri, Sarawak, likely to fix the problems that led her to be towed to Sandakan.

Checks on a marine tracking website as off 10am today showed Tun Azizan anchored off Sungai Baram, Miri, as off 10am today. It appears that she has been towed to the shipyard as the tracking website showed that she was not under command.

The location of KA Tun Azizan as shown on Marine Traffic ship tracking website.

Anyhow, as reported previously, Lumut Naval Shipyard (Lunas) was issued with the Letter of Award of RM99 million for the refit of KD Jebat. On June 20, the refit contract was formally issued to the Lunas on board Jebat at the Lumut naval base.

A shot of KD Jebat bridge by JS Sazanami on February 13, 2024. The Sea Eagle FCRO is evident here. Japan MOD picture.

It is unknown what kind of refit being undertaken but as the ship is expected to be ready in September next year, it must be a routine. Jebat was also refited at the shipyard – when it was called Boustead Naval Shipyard – a few years back when she was fitted with two Chess Dynamics products, the SeaEagle Fire Control Electro Optical (FCEO) and the SeaEagle Fire Control Radar Optical (FCRO).
The most recent picture of KD Jebat taken on June 20, 2024. Note the Sea Eagle FCEO (round) and the Sea Eagle FCRO (behind, squarish looking object. KD Jebat.

Both the FCEO and FCRO, according to Chess, are stabilised electro optical fire control systems optimized for the control of naval guns against air, surface and shore targets. It is unclear why RMN chose both systems for the ship as they offered the same capabilities. A tender for a new FCRO for the ship – likely to replace the stern one has not been concluded.
Vibrant 1
The software FAT of the Vibrant 1 CMS work station. RMN.

It was during the same refit, Jebat was fitted with the Vibrant combat management system to replace the old Nautis one which came with the ship when it was built by BAE Systems in the late 90s. As Jebat has not taken part in any missile firing exercises or regional exercises since the installation of the new CMS, one might not be wrong if to assume that it has not been very successful.
KM Langkawi and KD Lekiu on the Lunas hardstand in March 2024.

Meanwhile, Lunas on June 13 announced that it has been officially awarded the contract to repair KM Langkawi patrol vessel by the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency. Langkawi was sent to Lunas on in March this year.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. OOT..there was a reported that RMN seek used ships; Anzac-class from NZ. If true, why dont RMN just ask Aussie for their just decommissioned HMAS Anzac?

  2. Q: What are the sailors dressed in black on upper left doing? Is it a traditional welcome dance or something? Incidentally I also noticed someone dressed in yellow possibly doing silat when KD Lekiu was sailing alongside and welcoming the HMS QE aircraft carrier a few years back.

  3. Yep..just read more news about it..its about Aussie HMAS Anzac and not NZ Anzac..maybe there was lil bit confused from the reporter. But the bright sight we can see is RMN serious in getting used hull plus they aware about new decommisionned ship around them. Cuma tak sangkut lagi la kot.

  4. IMHO, Oz will definitely gift/transfer/bagi HMAS Anzac to the RMN if requested. Just ask.

  5. @Rock

    Mindef said that those Anzac ship will not be benefit to the goverment and will take 3 years for it to be commissioned in our navy. Now im worried that they will use the same reason for Kuwaiti Hornet

  6. @Tom Tom
    OZ isnt as magnanimous as you claimed, they arent even so magnanimous to be giving free Hornets to RCAF and neither will it be to us.

  7. Haiqal – ”Now im worried that they will use the same reason for Kuwaiti Hornet”

    You should really be ”worried” about the RMAF getting them but the government not providing funds to sustain them; replace what needs replacing; buy ordnance and ground support gear and to cater for the fact that as airframes age they tend to get more expensive to sustain. The Hornets are ‘X’ years old and aren’t getting any younger. We should get them but only if certain prerequisites are met.

  8. Tom – “ Just ask”

    You sure about that?

    They have a history of giving us stuff; the Sabres; LCPs/LCMs and other other things but that was under a different period.
    More recently they funded a FIBUA/MOUT training site and transferred Hornet parts. Aussie aid is mostly in the form of grants; training opportunities for MAF people in Australia.

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