FIC/FCBs on The Move

SHAH ALAM: FIC/FCBs on the move. Four of the six FIC/FCBs ordered under the urgent operational requirement of Op Benteng are underway from Lumut naval base to the Regional Headquarters 1 or Markas Wilayah Satu (Mawilla 1) base in Kuantan, Pahang. The transfer of the four boats were announced by the Western Fleet Headquarters or MPA Barat on May 18. It did not say whether the boats will be based out of Kuantan though it is likely they will be deployed to other locations for Op Benteng.

The announcement was made via the MPA Barat social media post. It said simply:

Selamat Bertugas!

Empat buah Fast Combat Boat (FCB) meneruskan penugasan ke @Mawilla_1 sebagai Aset Bantuan Operasi di sana

The crew of FCB 1022 waving as they leave Lumut. RMN

From the pictures posted it appears that the FIC/FCBs have yet to be equipped with a remote weapon station. The boats do have two single gun mounts on the stern deck and both are equipped with shields to protect the gunners.

Gading Marine FCB 1022. Note the shields on the gun mount. RMN

RMN also did not appear to equip the boats with a canvas cover over the stern deck indicating that the crew will stay inside the cabin while on patrol unlike the police marine boats also built by Gading Marine.

One of FIC of Polis Marine procured from Gading Marine. Note the canvas cover above the stern deck. Gading Marine

From an earlier post:

The Gading Marine boats, according to Ismail were delivered to the RMN on April 19, was built under a RM80 million contract. It is unclear the contract worth included the RWS which has yet to be installed on them. The FICs will be in service in the fast combat boat squadrons of the RMN.

A side profile view CGI of the Gading Marine FIC. It is not fitted with a canvas cover over the stern deck. Gading Marine

Despite its name, Mawilla 1 current assets include at least four FACs though I am not sure of their exact identities. It used to have two Kedah class apart from the FACs but the ships have been transferred to the Kota Kinabalu naval base within the last few years.

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