Sarawak MMEA To Get OPV This June

The port side view of the first OPV 8305 - note the MMEA name and crest.

SHAH ALAM: Sarawak MMEA to get OPV this June. Sarawak MMEA is expected to receive its first Offshore Patrol Vessel this June. Its director First Admiral (M) Zin Azman Mohd Yunus said the OPV was supposed to be delivered earlier but it was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He said the OPV to be called KM Tun Fatimah will be based at Beting Patinggi Ali to prevent the intrusions of foreign vessels into the Malaysian EEZ. The ship will boost the capability of the MMEA as it will be able to stay at sea for one month at a time.

The first MMEA OPV at her slipway at the THHE Fabricators yard in Pulau Indah

As reported by Malaysian Defence previously the first of three OPV was supposed to be launch late last year but was delayed due to obstructions on its slipway at the THHE Fabricators yard in Pulau Indah, Port Klang.

The OPV at the yard. Note the two barges behind with the ship in the water with the steel beams. The construction debris is found just after the waterline and extend to where the barges are located.

Two other OPVs being built by THHE Destini JV are expected to be completed by next year. From the previous post on the OPVs.

First MMEA OPV KM Tun Fatimah 8305 at its launch stand. Destini.

It is interesting to note that the ministry stated that the overall construction of the ships had reached 71.7 per cent as off November, 2020. It must be noted that the RM738.9 million contract for the three OPVs was announced in January, 2017. The contract period is for 42 months which meant that the ships were expected to be completed by July 2020. So technically it is already behind schedule but the statement from the ministry did not indicate this. I cannot confirmed whether the PH government had renegotiated the contract when it was in power but it is likely as Destini did say that the progress payments for the project and those of the NGPC were reduced by the government (PH) in its 2019 annual report. It is likely the reduction in payment also meant the contract period has been extended to 2022.

I am of the opinion that Tun Fatimah will be ready for operations at the earliest in September. This is based on the assumption that the ship will be launched by March. Hopefully this will indeed be the way.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Please add more of this at least 12 – 14 vessels would be a good start
    Since Destini proved to be a competent shipbuilder, adding more vessels would at least keep jobs going + having enough vessels for patrols

  2. When I saw Sarawak MMEA I had thought it was the state’s own independent maritime enforcement setup. On that matter, things have been quiet. Have they announced their budget or wishlist yet?

  3. What’s the class name for these ships? Tun Fatimah – class ? Srikandi-class sounds good

    It should be Tun Fatimah class though Srikandi also sounds good

  4. Tun FATIMAH and Patinggi ALI….doesn’t sound like a coincidence, seems to be deliberate on the choice of names

  5. Another postpone..q1 2021 to q2..Not so bright after all..and dont even dream for batch 2 at least in the immediate near future..

  6. Dont put all the eggs into one basket. Dont just depend oh THHE alone. Appoint one more yard especially a East Malaysia yard to complete more OPVs. With two yards building simultaneously, more ships can come onstream faster

  7. @Lee Yoke Meng
    If there is no visibility on subsequent orders, its better to have one yard and stretch the build timeframe, so that people will continue to have jobs as long possible in hopes that once nearly finished, a 2nd order arrives just in time. Risky, yes, no doubts.

  8. @fadiman
    That is up to MMEA to decide and they cannot just prioritise everything to East MY. Furthermore Sarawak is setting up their own maritime enforcement agency so better for MMEA not use scarce resources to overlap that organisation’s area of control.

  9. Mr M..April is fast approaching,any hush2 regarding this ship launching? i got a bad feeling about this already..bad omen actually..Or is her launch now moved to q2?

    I haven’t heard anything new from my sources. The ship was supposed to be launched earlier this month but I was told it was cancelled for several reasons

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