Tactical Gear For Narcotics Department

A combined STAFOC and STAGG demonstration in 2015. PDRM

SHAH ALAM: Tactical gear for the PDRM Narcotics Department. The PDRM has issued last month an open tender for the supply of tactical gear and other equipment – from head to toe – for its Narcotics Department RMK11 project. The open tender was issued on Dec 17 and closes on March 1.

What is interesting is that the tactical gear being sought are basically the same ones issued by the now-defunct narcotics special action team (STING) and two other task forces – STAFOC and STAGG. The list of items include assault shirt and pants; duty uniforms; boots; ballistic shields, plates and helmets; plate carriers and assorted other items from holsters to multi-tools. They are also looking to buy some 400 slings for sub-machine guns.

A PDRM UTK unit getting ready for an aircraft assault exercise. Note the ballistic shield on the lead man. PDRM

The items – more or less – are basically the same ones used by the now-defunct task forces dissolved in mid-2019 due to allegations of various offenses by its personnel. Please do not asked me where the gear and equipment used by these defunct teams, I have no idea.
A STAFOC demonstration in 2015. PDRM

Also included in the specifications are five full-frame mirror-less cameras and 30 action cameras. The cameras are likely for after action review and evidence collection.I am not sure how many personnel will be attached to the unit but its likely to be around 100 or so.
A combined STAFOC and STAGG demonstration in 2015. PDRM

Anyhow an even more important PDRM tender was open for competition on 5 January and this was the maintenance services for its command and control, communication and computer integration system (C4I). Apart from maintenance of the system, PDRM is said to be enhancing its capabilities allowing for new artificial intelligence. The C4I system linked all PDRM units under one seamless network.
A combine STAFOC and STAGG demonstration in 2015. PDRM

Unfortunately unlike the tactical gear tender, the specifications of the C4I tender is not issued publicly, only the notice was. Hopefully, the tender board of the Home Ministry will do the right thing and award the contract to a company with a good track record instead of one with good connections.
UTK operators sitting on top of the assault ladder of their Hilux in 2015. Some of the UTK operators were seconded to the NSOF when it was launched until it was disbanded in 2018.

Back in 2012 the contract to develop the PDRM C4I system became controversial after it was alleged that the company that won it had ties with a Singaporean one with links to an Israeli firm.

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  1. PDRM watchtoo much SWAT movies,that is where the idea came from…PDRM itself have got few SOF team…man what are they for..?these SOF team to me is nothing more a waste of monies…why PDRM needs SOF team to do raiding…Malaysia is not latin America or Northern America with well organized drug cartel….

  2. To me the best and logical solution is to tighten the land border bet thai-mal…built instant wall just like in Israel…every strategic point will be guarded by 1 platoon of border guard. Spread out in section level at every well built guard post n not pondok jual goreng pisang…partoling duties by polis hutan or sarawak rangers…then only malaysia can see a reduction of arm drug dealers within country….

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