Sukhoi over Subang

KUALA LUMPUR: A Sukhoi Su-30MKM was seen flying over Subang this afternoon. It was flying away from me as it was making a break and turn to land at the airport around 1pm.

Even though it was flying away, I could easily identify it as a Flanker due to the canards and twin fins. From my vantage point, it looked dark grey unlike the Fulcrums, more like our Hornets.

I did not have time to take out my cameras before it flew away beyond sight. This was the first time a Flanker had been seen flying over Subang since the first two Sukhois arrived in Malaysia in June.

I am not sure whether the Flanker I saw was one of the two or a new plane recently arrived from Russia. Since Merdeka is just three weeks away, I believe it was one of the two that arrive in June on TDY for the fly-past part of Merdeka.

One thing though its engines sounded significantly less noisy from the Fulcrums. I do believe its comparable even to the Hawks.

Below is a file picture released by RMAF. Its the same as the previous postings. If I managed to get a shot or video of the Flanker flying over Subang, I definitely post it here.

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