KD Tunku Abdul Rahman To Be Launched Tomorrow

KUALA LUMPUR: The first Malaysian submarine, KD Tunku Abdul Rahman will be launched in Cherboug, France, tomorrow.

DPM Najib Tun Razak is in France to witness the ceremony. Malaysian Defence prays for a good launch.

Malaysian Defence

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Shah Alam


  1. I believe the decision to name the Submarine KD Tuanku Abdul Rahman and KD Tun Razak is fitting.

    Can’t stop wondering what would be the names of the Lekiu Block II frigates.

    I know that an aircraft carrier would be a long, very long shot to have. But would be nice if someday in the future, I would still be alive to see a RMN aircraft carrier named KD Mahathir. Somehow, can’t imgine TDM as a frigate. If not an aircraft carrier, maybe a big destroyer like Russian’s Kirov Class… big huge gorgeous and very lethal ship. But I know a Russian ship for RMN will never materialise.

    Anyway, we pray for a good launch. Amin.

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