Rebreathers for Paskal

Drager LAR 5010 CCBA in action.

SHAH ALAM: Rebreathers for Paskal. Last month, Malaysian Defence posted a story on RMN’s special forces unit – Pasukan Khas Laut (Paskal) – getting new equipment from sub-machine guns, parachutes and close circuit breathing apparatus (CCBA). The CCBA is (from Wikipedia)

a class of underwater breathing apparatus which recirculate the breathing gas exhaled by the diver after replacing the oxygen used and removing the carbon dioxide metabolic product. Rebreather diving is practiced by recreational, military and scientific divers in applications where it has advantages over open circuit scuba, and surface supply of breathing gas is impracticable. The main advantages of rebreather diving are extended gas endurance, low noise levels, and lack of bubbles

Drager LAR 5010 is a closed-circuit diving apparatus for special operations diving. Optionally, the apparatus can be supplied with Nitrox B to enable diving depths of 24 m. LAR 5010 offers the additional option to be back-carried.

Thanks to the Eperolehan website, we now know that a batch of CCBA is to be air freighted from Germany for Paskal, soon (once the MTO tender is awarded). The CCBA is manufactured by Drager Safety AG, according to the specifications page of the tender. It is unclear which CCBA is being procured though. It must be noted that the US military also uses Drager CCBA equipment as seen from the picture below.
A US Marine using a Drager rebreather during an exercise. US Marine picture

As Paskal trained regularly with US Navy Seals it is likely that they were introduced to the Drager products and found them suitable for their needs as well. I cannot find the tender for the CCBA itself on the Eperolehan website, so I have no idea which company won the contract to supply them and the contract price.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. We’ve been using Drager since the late 1980’s/early 1990’s. Gerak Khas if I’m also has/had Dragers. It has a riverine unit which also trains for sea waterborne ops albeit not as extensively as PASKAL of course.

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