High End Military Water Craft For Paskal

A close up shot of a US Navy SEAL combat assault craft. The PASKAL probably wanted something similar but at a cheaper price point.

SHAH ALAM: The RMN has issued two separate quotation notices for the procurement, delivery and supply of two “high end military water craft” for its special forces unit – Paskal.

The first notice was for the Paskal unit based at the Lumut naval base. The notice was published on March 13 and closed on March 20. Four bidders have been shortlisted for the competition with the highest one listed RM299,9000. The second highest RM294,750; third RM289,550 and the lowest RM270,000.Based on the bids, it is likely that the estimated cost for the water craft is RM300,000.

US Navy SEALS combat assault craft. The high end military water craft sought by Paskal is likely something similar but without the bell and whistles. US Navy picture.

The second notice was published on March 23 and closes this March 30. As the first notice, not much details was published in the public portion of Eperolehan. The notice was issued by KD Sri Semporna though which meant that the water craft is meant for the Paskal unit based there.
A much closer shot of the US Navy SEAL combat craft assault. US Navy.

It is likely that the estimated cost is also around RM300,000 as well. This mean the cost for the two water craft will be around RM600,000. This is much cheaper than the ones bought for RMN, marine police and MMEA though which makes one wonder whether it will really be a “high end military water craft“.
US Navy SEALs on a rubber dinghy. It is easier to have high resolution pictures of US Navy SEALS than PASKAL.

As Paskal trained with foreign special operation units like the US Navy SEALs one wonders whether they aspire also for similar water craft operated by the latter. The US Navy SEALs operate a number of high end and high cost water craft though some of which are illustrated in this post.
Two Paskal operators armed with MP5 A3 submachine guns during an exercise in June 2023. JF Picture

Anyhow, RMN issued seven notices for various items for Paskal this month. Among the items sought are diving accessories; post diving oxygen support apparatus; rubber dinghies; grapnel launchers; UDT life jackets; hydraulic cutters and thermal binoculars.
Two Paskal troopers in scuba gear and armed with MP5 A3 submachine guns on the oil platform in an exercise in June 2023. In the background is KD Gagah Samudera. All JF Picture.

Most of these items are routinely used by Paskal operators during training and operations.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. If it is up to me, the US SOCOM CCA (Combatant Craft Assault) would be the ideal benchmark for PASKAL “high end military water craft”

    The CCA has a length of around 12m, overall envelope designed to fit inside a C-130H, inboard diesel engines with waterjet propulsors, stealth features.


    I would have fitted them with LPI radars, which is most of the new solid state (non rotating) commercial/leisure radars with CHIRP technology are LPI.

    Then AI enabled electro-optical systems that can detect and track other boats in the water. Supplementing the normal FLIR ball turret with thermal imaging.

    For the size/length, it is similar to the APMM RHFB. But even that costs around 1.5million each.

    This tender prices each boat at RM150k or less. What kind of “high end military water craft” can you get with that price?

    A high end jetski perhaps?

  2. The hull & just the engines, no weapons, no sensors, I guess RM 300k will fit. They surely must have gotten an estimate for such a boat before putting out the tender.

    But curious does it say these have to be new, or could a vendor cheapen out by bringing in used US Seal boats & refurb before resale? Maybe sans sensors?

  3. I would hazard a guess ‘high end’ includes the JFD/SAAB carrier seal submersible. That vehicle is high end enough!

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