CMS Upgrade for Lekiu Class. Updated

LANGKAWI: CMS upgrade for Lekiu class. There will be no contract signing for the upgrade of the Lekiu class frigates CMS on Wednesday, the contracts day at LIMA 19.

I have been told the Defence Ministry wants an open competition for the project especially if the CMS is developed locally. One such CMS is , the Vibrant 1. The navy wants to replace the BAE Systems Nautis, developed for the Lekiu class frigates. Vibrant 1 was developed with software provided by an Indian company and being promoted by T7 Global Bhd, an diversified company involved in oil and gas, construction and engineering.

Vibrant 1 CMS workstation.

Apart from the CMS, the company is also showcasing the workstations for the frigate’s combat information centre. T7 is also working with Chess Dynamics which manufactured the Sea Eagle electro direcor procured for the Lekiu class.

Chess Dynamics Sea Eagle FCEO selected for the Lekiu class frigates.

RMN had looked into getting a new version of the Nautis but deemed the cost quoted from BAE Sysems as too expensive. I was told that the cost include the re-wiring of both ships. The wiring will allow the integration of new systems, from radar and weapons.

KD Lekiu at LIMA 2019. Zaq Sayuti

With the Lekiu-class not expected to serve more than 10 years under the 15 to 5 plan this was not seen as a worthwhile investment.

#An earlier version of this post stated the contract for Vibrant 1 would signed at LIMA 19.

-Malaysian Defence

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