Armoured Vehicles For PDRM

SHAH ALAM: The PDRM has requested to the Home Ministry for the purchase of 18 armoured vehicles for its units operating in ESSCOM, the IGP was reported as saying. IGP Hamid Bador told the Kosmo newspaper that the application has been approved and the ministry was in the process of putting the tender for the vehicles.


Inside the cabin of a PDRM Baracuda armoured car. PDRM

From PDRM Facebook page.

“Kita mahu memantapkan lagi kawalan keselamatan di kawasan tersebut supaya sektor pelancong dapat dibuka sedikit demi sedikit,” katanya kepada Kosmo! baru-baru ini.
Mengulas lanjut, Tan Sri Abdul Hamid berkata, pihaknya memohon sebanyak 18 buah kenderaan perisai bagi membolehkan pasukan keselamatan melakukan rondaan di kawasan berkenaan.
Jelas beliau, kenderaan perisai itu penting untuk kegunaan anggota tanpa sebarang risiko serangan selain keadaan muka bumi di pantai timur negeri tersebut.
“Permohonan itu sudah diluluskan dan saya difahamkan, Kementerian Dalam Negeri kini dalam proses membuka tender.
“Saya harap permohonan disegerakan untuk ditempatkan di Lahad Datu dan Sandakan,” katanya yang memberitahu aset sedia ada tidak mencukupi.

Despite the scoop, Kosmo had done a mistake with the story by putting a picture of policemen patrolling at one of the many sea villages in the eastern coast of Sabah (see picture below)

PDRM Facebook post which quoted the Kosmo article.

If the story was meant to justify the purchase of armoured vehicles for the police, Kosmo sub editors may well did not see the point. A better picture (below)

Army and GOF joint patrol in ESSCOM AOR. Note the GK-M1 weapon carriers from the Army. The left one is fitted with a 12.7mm machine gun while the other is fitted with an automatic grenade launcher.

Anyhow I am trying to find out from my sources some specifications on the new armoured vehicles, though I am guessing that they will be looking for an armoured 4X4. As reported before the police has a number of Barracuda 4X4 APCs stationed in ESSCOM AOR that was previously purchased for the UN mission in Timur Leste. According to a report earlier this year, the GOF units are equipped with four Barracudas, four Shorland Land Rovers and four IAG Jaws armoured 4X4s.

A PDRM Barracuda operating in Sabah. PDRM

It was up to me it would be cheaper and easier for the police to simply purchase uparmoured Toyota Landcruisers or Hilux. I had stated some time back when the police were looking for armoured vehicles shortly after the Lahad Datu incident, which never happened of course. They did buy some ATVs and 4X4s for ESSCOM AOR though.

Polaris MRZR. PDRM bought 10 of these buggies for ESSCOM duties.

The police did purchased a number of armoured 4X4s but the vehicles, the Jaws APC 4X4, are mainly used by the UTK as the Streit Typhoons, purchased earlier than 2014.

Weststar IAG Jaws APC.

–Malaysian Defence

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