Submarine Rescue

Kuala Lumpur: I was watching the Discovery Channel tonight and found an interesting documentary entitled International Submarine Rescue AS-28. The documentray chronicled the rescue of the AS-28, a Russian mini-sub in the waters off Kamchatka.

A Royal Navy remotely operated vehicle – the Scorpio – cut the Russian sub free. The craft rose to the surface with just six hours of oxygen left, according to published accounts in the incident which occurred.

Aug. 5, 2005, the 45-foot long craft became entangled in discarded fishing nets in Russian Far East waters. The disabled submarine was stuck at 600 feet, and time was a crucial factor in rescuing the crew.

Why I am bringing this up? Well, with the RMN operating submarines next year I sincerely hope that the powers-that-be are already working smart partnerships with the international submarine community in case, of the un-thinkable.

When the Russian sub went down, those who were eventually involved in the rescue had been contacted by ISMERLO.

I am not praying for our subs to go down but everyone knows such to have our own rescue is prohibitively expensive and ISMERLO give us the opportunity to conduct such a rescue.

Crew members of Russian deep-water rescue submersible vehicle AS-28 “Priz” from left: Valery Lepetukha, commander Vyacheslav Milashevsky, Anatoliy Popov, Sergei Belozerov, Alexander Uibin, Alexander Ivanov and Gennady Bolonin, pose for a picture in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Monday, Aug. 8, 2005. The Seven Russian sailors trapped for three days on the ocean floor in a small submarine off Russia’s Pacific coast were rescued alive and well Aug. 7 after a team effort by British, Russian and US forces deployed a British ROV to cut the vessel free of nets. Additional forces from Japan and the Shell Oil operated DSND Surveyor were racing to the site to support the rescue. (AP Photo/Tatyana Makeyeva, Pool)

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