New Boats For Sarawak Coast Guard

SC Talang-Talang with the VIPs after the ceremony. JKR Sarawak

SHAH ALAM: Sarawak Coast Guard (SCG) will be acquiring three large vessels to patrol its waters from Tanjung Datu in Lundu – next to the border of Indonesia – to Lawas – the border with Sabah. Sarawak Premier Abang Johari Tun Openg said in Miri on July 18 that the three large PV will complement the six Island class patrol vessels already in service with SCG.

Three of the Island class PV was commissioned into service on July 17 while three others were commissioned in November 2022. The first three vessels were put into service, some 19 months after SCG was stood up in April 2021.

Sarawak Premier Abang Johari Tun Openg given a model of the Kelas Pulau PV. The model appear to have a gun mount on its upper deck.

According to Sarawak Public Works Department, the contract to build the 25 -meter vessels were awarded to Sarawak Slipways Sdn Bhd. From the pictures, the ships and crew are not armed, it appears. I stand to be corrected of course.
A closer look of the Kelas Pulau PV which seemed to have a gun mount on the rear of the upper deck.

Borneo Post reported that Abang Johari as saying that the three large PV

will enable SCG to enable it to patrol further and longer from all eight marine national parks from Tanjung Datu to Lawas.

“These assets will complement the inadequacy of assets from other federal security agencies. We have eight marine parks that we need to secure – we are complementing the assets of other agencies and to secure our marine parks,” he said.

Touching on the six Island-class patrol boats, which measure 25-metres long and are equipped with waterjet technology, Abang Johari said it was the state’s significant initiative in line with the Post Covid-19 Development Strategy 2030’s objective in enhancing coastal security control and preserving the environment.

Visitors taking a closer look of the Kelas Island PV with SCG personnel on duty in whites.

Abang Johari also SCG which is under the Sarawak Security and Enforcement Unit (UPKS) will set up a new base in Sejingkat in Kuching, soon. He added that this will be followed by a base in Tanjung Manis, Bintulu and finally in Lawas.
Visitors posing with SCG personnel in their green duty uniform.

“These are being managed by the Sarawak Public Works Department under the 12th Malaysian Plan,”

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. The Island PVs appears to be similar in design to the rehulled FACs of TLDM, if not in size then roughly in shape & proportions. One thing that I had earlier broach, on the possibility for the rehull FAC design to be standardised and reused for low threat patrol boat for MMEA or even this Sarawak CG, or perhaps future other state autonomous CGs (Johor perhaps?). The cost savings and ease of maintenance across various authorities could be massive.

  2. Sarawak Coastguard? How does that sit within MMEA??(Tom Tom)
    The Sarawak Coast Guard should have been stood up ages ago. TLDM and MMEA is woefully under-represented in Sarawak unlike in Sabah. So the regular China CG incursions hit these 2 federal agencies like a ton of bricks with Sarawak fuming at the lackadaisical response of the Federal government.
    They may lack heavy guns but it clearly shows the Borneon Territory of Sarawak isn’t tolerating this state of affairs. Chinese investments may be important to Sarawak but they need to be shown the door if they are taking Sarawakians for fools.
    For example, the Sarawak Immigrations has a list of PNG individuals that cannot enter Sarawak because Sarawak Immigrations have a separate list of individuals that cannot be allowed entry. It’s insensitivity to Sarawak complaints that drove Sarawak to set up its own Coast Guards.

  3. Taib – “TLDM and MMEA is woefully under-represented in Sarawak unlike in Sabah”

    Yes but a handful of boats which lack the ability to perform extended EEZ patrols isn’t going to make a major difference. If Sarawak intends in getting more assets; great but as it takes some strain off the RMN and MMEA but they’ll still have to liaise with the RMN and MMEA.

    Taib – “insensitivity to Sarawak complaints that drove Sarawak to set up its own Coast Guards”

    Is it really “insensitivity” as you put it? You’re not an impartial observer/commenter.

    Ultimately the RMN and MMEA is stretched everywhere. It’s not as if both entities are flushed with assets and are keeping them in the Peninsular whilst starving Sarawak of assets …

    Taib – “regular China CG incursions hit these 2 federal agencies like a ton of bricks”

    Whether it hit them like a “ton of bricks” or like the Andes range; the fact remains that the RMN does respond to every incursion and that even if the RMN and MMEA had 200 ships off the
    “Borneon Territory of Sarawak” [part of Malaysia] the the Chinese would still come; as they do in waters claimed by Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia; as well as further east in Japan.

  4. After Sarawak Cost Guard, coming next Sarawak Border Ranger?, Sarawak Air Guard?

  5. There is another unit under the Sarawak Security and Enforcement which is the Immune Belt Enforcement Team which guards the borders against various threats.

  6. Far – ”Sarawak Border Ranger”

    Well the ‘Sarawak Rangers’ became part of the Malaysian army in 1963. Today of course the bulk of its members are ‘orang Semananjung/Malaya’; the terms used often used by Sabahans/Sarawakians.

  7. Is it really “insensitivity” as you put it? You’re not an impartial observer/commenter.(Azlan)
    Touché! No, I am not. Sarawak just celebrated Sarawak Day yesterday 22 July. It commemorates the uniqueness that Sarawak residents feel as part of a large territory within Malaysia. Much like how Texas feels within the US. Coincidentally Texas became a republic in 1836 just 3 years before Sarawak became a White princedom under James Brooke.
    I have ancestors serving under Rajah Brooke in the Sarawak Constabulary the Sarawak Rangers and Malaysian Rangers. And one spritely 80 year old Iban in-law who was a Border Guard.
    I can’t help but wonder why less young Sarawakians are opting to serve in the Rangers. Someone here may have better insights into this.
    For me, any solution that increases the national readiness or emergencies must be supported. Like the JMF in Johor. And why not?
    There were Sarawak Border Scouts, Sarawak Rangers and the Sarawak Constabulary. The first were disbanded after 1969, the second formed the nucleus of the Malaysian Rangers and the third merged to become part of the PDRM. Even the Sarawak Road Transport Department was only taken over by JPJ in the mid-80s alongside the Sarawak Fire Services.
    I see these state set-ups as quick remedial actions to excise malaise (rot) that have frozen previous Sarawak leaders’ ability to think for themselves until the late Adenan Satem took over as Chief Minister in 2014.

  8. “Model appear to have gun mount on rear upper deck”

    AFAIK, SCG can’t deploy armamemts as they enforce Fisheries law.

    If SCG wanna be armed, maybe can take the route like Auxilliary Police (Marine) or Naval Reserve Unit.

  9. Nimitz – “AFAIK, SCG can’t deploy armamemts as they enforce Fisheries law”

    No idea about ship mounted weapons but nothing’s stopping crews from being armed.

    Taib – “For me, any solution that increases the national readiness or emergencies must be supported. Like the JMF in Johor. And why not”

    The “solutions” have to be tied in with existing structures rather than doing their own thing. If the Sarawak Coast Guard is going to work along the MMEA and RMN and take some strain off both entities; great. Also, the JMF is a slightly different matter …

    Taib – “It commemorates the uniqueness that Sarawak residents feel as part of a large territory within Malaysia”

    That’s great but IMO every state/territory within the Federation has its own form of “uniqueness”.

    Taib – “There were Sarawak Border Scouts”

    Elements served in the Brunei Rebellion as trackers and they also were in Malaya during the Emergency. In the late 1970’s there was a plan to have a “Borneo” Regiment [comprising Sabahans and Sarawakians] but manpower was an issue and an initial cadre became a Ranger unit instead.

  10. “frozen previous Sarawak leaders’ ability to think for themselves”
    More like iron fisted direction from the highest position, particularly one long serving and twice serving one, plus the tacit acquiesce by an equally long serving Sarawak leader that discouraged and suppress any independent thought and taking unilateral actions, and best leaving it to the goodwill of Federal Govt. It is only recent events that East Msian politicians suddenly realised how valuable they are in their positions, and thus became bolder to think for themselves and making demands.

    Its a good sign, this devolution of central power and giving more autonomy to the states will democratise the nation but it will also embolden richer states to consider charting their own futures, thereby dooming the Federation if everyone starts to look for themselves only.

  11. Sabah and Sarawak are not states under MA63. They are states due to a constitutional ammendment in 1976 which downgraded their status and rank. Malaysia is the union of the Federation of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak, and Singapore. 4 “countries” coming together similar to the United Kingdom. Under MA63, English is recognised as an official language. Religious rulings made by the Federal Government is not enforceble in Sarawak. Under the federal constitution (of Malaysia), defence is a federal power. States cannot raise armies. Fisheries is a state matter hence why SCG is created under that pretext. JMF is not the military force of Johor state. It is actually the personal guard of the Johor Royal Family. JMF continuing to exist is a condition requested by Johor for then joining the Federation of Malaya.

  12. @Kel
    Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to. Our Eastern brethren have certain levels of autonomy vs Peninsular states (like banning certain PNG from entering) but otoh not to the level of freedom as with Scots or Welsh whereby they have their own Parliaments and able to enact laws which can be incompatible to the Union. For all intends & purpose their akin to states, in similar to Texas is considered one of the 50 states in US. This despite the USA individual states having a higher degree of autonomy than Sabah & Sarawak, ie they have separate taxation laws & gun control laws from each other.

    Not going into the 3Rs but to highlight that religion (or perhaps a specific one?) is under the purview of each state King or YDP and this is stated in the Constitution, hence why Federal laws should have not supersede in that matter.

  13. Kel,

    – Firstly, discover the use of paragraphs which makes it easier for others to read; rather than having to make their way trough a blob.
    – Sabah and Sarawak were British governed territories and entered the Malaysian Federation as such. Note that Taib and me described Sarawak as a “territory” not a “state”.
    – Yes the JMF would fall for the under a different category; hence my mention of it being a different matter in contrast to the Sarawak Coast Guard.

  14. Any update on OPV1 Apmm?..August are fast approacing but still no news on that OPV delivery to APMM..My guess are as good as yours..They will deliver that ship to APMM later this year or worse early next year..The reason? because that ‘biggest in its class’ 30mm aselsan smash gun isnt arrive yet..lmao..For the time being that haiyang dizhi chinese survey ship will keep mapping our eez..Genius

  15. Firdaus – “ because that ‘biggest in its class’ 30mm aselsan smash gun isnt arrive yet..lmao..For the time being that haiyang dizhi chinese survey ship will keep mapping our eez..Genius”

    Silly …

    You suggesting that there’s actually something with regards to procurement which we can do to prevent Chinese ships from entering the EEZ?

  16. Well not really..its simple really..They are paid to deliver the ship so they must deliver that ship plain and simple..original dateline for opv 1 is 2020/2021 now already more than half 2023 but opv 1 are still nowhere to be seen..i know covid yadda yadda,tabung haji yadda yadda..but its important they need to deliver that ship asap..that too after govt inject another 100+ million to fasten the delivery of that know what the problem is? Because our govt/politicians are too soft,too laid back..feeling good about almost everything..With all the predicament regarding this opv1 we can already guess what will happen for another 2 ships..if we are lucky enough that 800m will only get us only 1 opv..

  17. RM800mil supposedly to get just 2 ships (planned) but somehow the Govt then squeezed another boat making it 3 units. I wonder if that has anything to do with the delays or if it were waiting for ‘Govt creative accounting’ to make a seemingly impossible budget ‘work’ without anyone noticing cash injections from supplementary budgets, as with LCS project.

  18. The original contract (or the plan) was 3 ships for under RM750m. RM150m additional funding had to be provided in January this year just to complete the first OPV – meaning it will need more injection to complete OPV2 and OPV3. There is no creative accounting, just inept local shipyards wasting taxpayers money in the name of developing local industries.

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