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KUALA LUMPUR: In occasion of our discussion of our exclusive VIP planes and helos, Malaysian Defence would like to offer a pictorial account of the fleet. If you have pictures of the planes or helos not featured here feel free to send me one. We only have three! There are other pictures of course, but they are copyrighted, so used the links!

The VIP fleet is under the PM’s Department but operated and manned by the RMAF. Does this means the operating and maintenance costs are shared equally? As at the moment, Malaysian Defence can confirmed five VIP jets, 1 Airbus ACJ; 1 Boeing BBJ; 1 Fokker F28; 1 Falcon 900 and probably two Bombardier Global Express. There is a probability that RMAF operates two Global Express since one example featured in Airplane Pictures has the M48-02 serial number (They could have sold 01 already of course)

Malaysian Defence understands the need for a VIP fleet but do we really need that many different types?


The Airbus ACJ.


S70 Black Hawk (RMAF)


Fokker F28. Usually reserved for the Agong. (RMAF)

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. I can confirm the following registration codes – Bombardier Global Express [M48-01], Boeing 737-7H6 BBJ [M53-01], a Falcon 900 [M37-01] and Fokker F28 Fellowship [M28-01]. [Sorry no pics]

    It is really surprising Marhalim? The TLDM has about 5 different combat management systems and the same number of chaff/flare launchers in service. The army has 2 diffrent calibre 155mm guns. Whilst most air arms are streamlining their combat fleets to 2 types, the RMAF has the Su-30, MiG-29, Hawk 200 and the F/A-18D.

    Marhalim: Because the main pillars of of Mahathirism was to please everyone except ourselves……

  2. i wonder,why our country have so much vip fleet?thus our minister and king fly everyday?our ministry of defense cannot manage the management and inventory properly.

  3. TypeZero, I did not forget the AS-61 but I did not find it when I was looking through the same website. Many thanks.

    There is only ONE ACJ. The confusion arose as the same AC with the same livery was photographed with German or France serial numbers before it correctly serialed 9M-NAA. A friend joked that the serial (civilian as the plane was purchased by PMB) was a harbinger of Anwar’s rise as Opposition Head.

    Nanti Anwar Azizah (NAA), he said. No one should bet that Anwar will sell the plane when/if he becomes the PM!

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