RMAF Museum Open Day 2016

RMAF Museum Open Day

SHAH ALAM: RMAF Museum, located at the Kuala Lumpur Airbase will hold its annual Open Day next weekend, the Feb 13 and 14. The Open Day is being held in conjunction with the museum’s 30th anniversary.

On Feb 13, the Open Day will be held from 2pm to 5pm while on Feb 14 it will be from 8am to 5pm. Various events has been lined up for the Open Day. Ahead of the 30th anniversary, RMAF has also confirmed the museum new crest which was first unveiled last year.

RMAF Museum new crest
RMAF Museum new crest

To be honest, I am wary to plug the event and the museum after what I encountered a year ago but I am taking the chance that all of that had been squared way. In fact every time I passed by the air base, I always wish I had the money to fund a proper museum to house the aircraft and honour the men and women who flew and maintained them.
The A4 Skyhawk gate guard at the ILU in Ipoh.
The A4 Skyhawk gate guard at the ILU in Ipoh.

Anyhow as I had mentioned before, if you want to check out the best maintained gate aircraft in country , one should head to the RMAF ILU or training centre next to the Ipoh airport. The two aircraft there, the A4 Skyhawk and Hu-16 Albatross, are in a better condition than the two examples at the museum.
The Albatross at the ILU in Ipoh.
The Albatross at the ILU in Ipoh.

Hopefully, the museum personnel had done something about that otherwise the feedback will be harsh.
RMAF Museum Open Day
RMAF Museum Open Day

BTW, for those celebrating Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Chai!

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  1. Intro video Tv3 “mentor” shot at TUDM Museum can be indicator of what is new there. The heaps of dismantled aircraft and badly weathered planes outside the hangar can be seen in the video.

    Of course if someone have submit a Nuri either replica or built-up from written off craft, a welcome new addition to its exibit.

  2. Up to the 1990’s there was a dump yard outside containing amongst others the rear of a Mirage 111 and an almost compete wreck of an Alo 111. By right, there should be no exhibits left to the elements. Everything outdoor should have a sun/rain shelter.

    Not the museum’s fault as its starved off cash. Previously, funds provided by British Aerospace (due to us buying Hawks and F-2000 frigates) helped a bit but the fact remains that the museum is underfunded. Same with the RMN museum. The former KD Trengganu needs a sun/rain shelter. For that matter, how long will the company that up keeps KD Rahmat as a floating museum will be able to maintain her?

  3. To Lee Yoke Meng and those Celebrating CNY.

    Gong Xi Fa Chai. Have a Healthy, Peaceful and a Prosperous year, to you and your families.

  4. To blame it on lack of money isnt right. Primarily its the DGAF attitude. Look at the general state of gate guards at tudm airbases. Bad condition and even repainted in god knows what colour scheme. Look at the tudm college gate guards in alor setar. Pitiful. Whats wrong with asking th kadets to repaints them one afternoon. No respect for history or tradition.

  5. Having enough cash to maintain gate guards is one thing; having enough cash to ensure all outdoor exhibits are protected by shelters and that all exhibits are always well looked after is another completely different thing. So yes, having enough cash plays a large part.

    Another issue is that quite often, officers posted to the museum are those who have reached the end of their careers and are just bidding time before leaving; for them, rocking the boat provides no incentives.

  6. Not having enough cash is always the excuse. How much does it take to repaint the gate guards? Have to.start somewhere and the poor attitude shown not only in sungai besi is inexcusable.

    Yes there isnt enough money to store the aircraft under cover. But what excuse of not repainting some of displays?. Drag some cadet boys, give them some painting charts and tell them to do it. Also the displays were unsecured. I could have unscrewed of aircraft parts took them out and sold them on ebay…

  7. Yes but didn’t I say that cash was less of an issue with the maintenance of gate guards? To better preserve the exhibits and to do stuff that attracts visitors; an adequate budget is needed : no way around it.

    BTW, in the courtyard of Museum Negara there is a 25 Pounder and an Alo 111 gunship. In the parking lot is a V-100/50.

  8. “Drag some cadet boys, give them some painting charts and tell them to do it.”

    That is a recipe for disaster. In the best case, you will have historically inaccurate colours. In the worst case, total destruction of the aircraft. Have a look at the USM Nibong Tebal F-5, painted solid cobalt blue.

    You need professionals to strip the old paint and reapply the new. And then park the aircraft under shelter. Not like the idiots who destroyed the mint condition Muzium A-4.

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