The Jones…Indonesia Take Delivery of the First J Hercules

Lockheed Martin delivered the first of five C-130J-30s to the Indonesian Air Force on Feb. 21, 2023. Lockheed Martin photo by Thinh D. Nguyen.

SHAH ALAM: Indonesia on February 1 took delivery of the first of five Lockheed Martin C130-30Js Super Hercules airlifter ordered a few years back. Lockheed Martin announced the delivery of the aircraft in a release. TNI-AU chief Air Marshal Fadjar Prasetyo took delivery of the Super Hercules tail-number A-1339.

TNI-AU chief in the cockpit of the A-1339 Super Hercules at the delivery ceremony. TNI-AU

From Lockheed Martin:

The air force’s new C-130J-30s offer increased cargo capacity, speed, range, power, performance and lower operating costs over its legacy C-130s to support the TNI-AU’s wide range of mission requirements for decades to come. These new C-130J-30s expand the TNI-AU’s ability to partner on missions and training opportunities with allies and regional forces that also operate Super Hercules.

“Indonesian Air Force crews have long trusted the C-130 to support the most challenging of missions facing Indonesia and other nations in the Pacific,” said Rod McLean, vice president and general manager, Air Mobility & Maritime Missions programs at Lockheed Martin. “This new era of Super Hercules operations supports Indonesia in achieving mission success with a highly tailored airlift fleet that ensures IDAF crews can support any task — anywhere, anytime — with more power, strength and capability for decades to come.”

Indonesia has operated C-130s since the 1960s, using its Hercules fleet for critical national and regional missions such as delivering humanitarian aid and disaster relief, as well as providing military and peacekeeping support around the Pacific Rim.

The C-130J Super Hercules is the worldwide choice in tactical airlift, serving 26 operators in 22 nations. To date, more than 520 C-130Js have been delivered and the Super Hercules remains unmatched in its ability to support 18 different mission requirements.

TNI-AU said the aircraft is expected to perform the ferry flight to Indonesia on February 28 and expected to arrive at the Halim Perdanakusuma airbase, Jakarta on March 6. The aircraft will operate with Skuadron 31 operating from the airbase.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. Meanwhile we bought A400M…
    Can anyone explain to me if A400M are needed or MY has national interest that buying this bird is necessary?

  2. I wonder if TUDM/mindef/current mix gomen has any interest to procure the soon to be retire (starting next year if I’m not mistaken) 10 units RAF C130J-30 to supplement the current very and over used high flying hours 8 C130H-30 and 4 C130H

  3. romeo – ”Can anyone explain to me if A400M are needed”

    No it was not needed as the Charlies and CNs we had were more than adequate for our lift needs. Buying the A400M also led to delays in a partial upgrade programme for the Charlies. The good news is that the A400M is a generation ahead in capabilities compared to the Charlie so there are two ways of looking at it.

    An issue is that the A400M has a greater lift capacity compared to the Charlie and that most of the times it and the Charlies do not fly with full loads; that would mean that for the bulk of operational peacetime taskings that space is not being fully utilised. This in turn would logically entail us maintaining a smaller 2 engine lift capacity. The CAP55 however [which to be fair like the 5/15 isn’t written in stone and was a PR exercise] does not include a 2 engine lift capacity in the projected force structure.

  4. According to the publicly available information as of now MAF plan to replacing the C130 by 2040-50s & retired the CN by 2030s.

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