Digital Combat Boots in the Wild, Part 2

Army chief Gen Hafizuddeain Jantan arriving for the ceremony at Terendak camp on Oct 21. Note the digital combat boots worn by every one in this picture. BTDM

SHAH ALAM: Back in February, Malaysian Defence wrote about the digital combat boots issued by the Army. A total of 1111 digital combat boots were solicited in a quotation notice in July 2022. According to the notice the combat boots should be in digital camo; made of microfibre PU and comes in standard sizes. It must also be comfortable and durable; anti-slip and safe; fast drying, light and flexible.

The notice was awarded to PNA Holdings Sdn Bhd with a contract of RM499,950. Initially only flag officers were spotted wearing the digital combat boots earlier this year. However, it appeared that the lower ranking officers from Lt Colonels and majors notably from the 10th Para Brigade have been issued with the digital combat boots as well (see picture below).

The CO of 10th Para Brigade battalions wearing the digital combat boots at the honourary ceremony for the current Army chief. The second officer in the row behind, likely with the rank of major is also wearing the digital combat boots while others are wearing regular black boots. BDTM.

This was evident during the honourary beret and jump wings ceremony for Army chief General Hafizuddeain Jantan at the Terendak camp in Malacca on October 21. The digital combat boots however were not issued to the regimental sergeant majors of the brigade though as seen from the picture below.
The RSMs of 10th Para Brigade. Note the black boots. Only the second RSM (second from left) is wearing the standard issue ammo pouches, while the rest are wearing ammo pouches purchased on their own. BTDM

Other paratroopers pictured at the ceremony either on static or dynamic presentations were mostly wearing black boots. It is hard to determine whether they were wearing the Haix paratrooper boots. As this is likely an Army event, the paratroopers are wearing the standard issued digital or black boots only.
Three Paratroopers in regular black boots posed in front of a container delivery system which is rigged for a Supacat ATMP. BTDM

Anyhow, it appears that the Army has approved the wearing of specialist or staff college badges when wearing No 3 and No 5 uniforms.
Armed Forces chief Jen TS Mohammad Ab Rahman on October 24. Note the badges worn on the camo uniform. Right side, top to bottom 10 Para Brigade jump wings, TDM logo, recon badge and UXO badge. left side, TNI-AD jump wing, name, Thai army jump wings and UXO badge. BTDM picture

This practise has been the norm for RMN and RMAF personnel for some time but as both the current and former Army leadership are using them on their uniforms, it is likely that it has been codified by the service.
Army chief Muhammad Hafizuddein Jantan. From the right top to bottom. TD jump wings, Army logo and recon badge. Left top bottom, Thai army jump wings, name, US Army Command and Staff College badge and US Army Infantry Center badge.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. They are supposed to be Army wide but no new orders have been made since the contract was ordered in mid-2022. First batch some 3K plus were ordered. I mentioned in an earlier, a report was lodged with MACC about that contract award.

  2. “a report was lodged with MACC about that contract award.”
    This is what happens when there is no transparency of an open tender, and the loser parties are sore so they seek a last revenge or something.

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