Nuri Replacement Programme, The Continuing Saga

KUALA LUMPUR: MINDEF has extended the closing date for the Nuri Replacement Programme by one month as confirmed by the link below:

Pembetulan Bagi Kenyataan Tawaran : 72/2007 Bil 1 (Pembetulan Tarikh Tutup)

1. KP(PERO 3)F/T 521/2007 For The Supply And Delivery Of Twelve (12) Units Of Utility
Helicopters With Search And Rescue (SAR) Capability, Spares, Tools, Test Equipment,
Publications, Training And Technical Services To The Government Of Malaysia

Tarikh Tutup bagi tawaran tersebut telah dipinda daripada 08.01.2008 kepada 12.02.2008

The tender closing date is now extended to Feb 2, 2008. There is no reason stated for the extension although there was a briefing for the companies interested in the programme. during LIMA.

The media was not allowed to stay for the briefing although a big sign was placed on the door, located next to the aerospace media centre. I had managed to sneak in but a jerk from a Singapore, who was chased out by MINDEF officials forced me to leave the room before I was unmasked as a reporter!

Interestingly, one participant later said it was not too illuminating and nothing new was revealed at the briefing. The guy who said this was probably correct to say this as he had been with close contacts with military officials involved in the tender exercise. I will post the inside news after boxing day as I am busy with a few things at the moment.

Anyway the extension meant that my prediction about the winner of the tender will be announced during DSA in April is now totally unrealistic. Probably what will happened during DSA is that they will announced the two shortlisted candidates.

For me the two shortlisted candidates will be the Eurocopter 725 and the AW101. After that its a different ball game!

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. I hope this tender will come out with something more realistic……….18 of cheaper MI 17 V5/7 seems more worthwhile for the air force rather than go for only 12 of AW 101 or EC 725….modification on IFR probe can be carried out locally………….Hidup malaysia !!!!!

  2. You may well get your wish although it must be said the air force is totally against the idea of using Mi-17s to replace the Nuris. The word is however that it will be a split buy with the Army (who else) taking the Mi-17s with the air force to be given either the AW101 or EC 725. Anyway with the increase budget (more on this later) we could buy about 50 or so Mi-17s!

  3. As a regular vistor to, I would kile to comment on some recent MAF purchases. To the best of my knowledge the SU-30MKMs have been delivered without a data link. The problem is the RMAF operates several different front line types so finding a common data link will be a problem politically.Whilst fitting a non-Russian data link on the Flankers and Fulcrums won’t be a problem, getting US approval to fit Link 16 or even Link Y on a Russian made aircraft will be impossible. The only alternatives are the newly developed Thales data link and the Saab one. With Eriye reported to be the leading contender to fulfill the AEW requirement, it looks like the RMAF will end end up with the Saab data link. Whether the RMAF decides to fit the Saab data link on its Flankers, Fulcrums and Hornets remains to be seen. After all, it would be ludicrous if the Flankers and Hornets had to rely on voice communications to share data due to a lack of a common data link. Having state of the art fighter aircraft is nice for show but what about developing a network centric capability and increasing the situational awareness of its pilots? As for the M4 programme…. The government has yet to make clear how buying the M4 is going to improve the capabilities of infantry units. Unless the government is willing to spend thousands of ringgit per rifle [highly unlikely] to buy the right accesories, the M4 is going to offer no advantage over the AUG. The money would be better spent on accesories and improvements on our existing AUGs. After all why did SME buy the rights for the AUG if the army is now to convert to the M4? The PT-91M.. I’m not disputing that the PT-91M is the most capable T-72 variant in service but I hope the army is looking at an armour upgrade in the near future. It makes one wonder if the Armor Directorate at Mindef conducted any live tests on the ERAWA or even compare its performance to the Russian Kontakt-5? In the Iraq, Bumar Labedy T-72Ms were penetrated with ease by 25mm sabot rounds [similiar to the army’s 25mm ammo rounds]in the rear and side turret areas. Furthermore what use is ERA when the hatches on the PT-91 is easily reached by a top attack ATGW like Spike or Javelin? Unlike the erkava 4, the hatches on the PT-91are not several inches thick. I would have prefered the Leopard 2.. at least for that extra weight you get much better protection.

  4. The worst solution but the Malaysian way no doubt (spread the goodwill!). One platform, shared servicing, maintenance and logistical support. Real possibility of some meaningful offsets rather than the rubbish that is the norm thus far.
    The large numbers of Nuris is one of the reasons for their success and longevity, there’s enough critical mass in terms of air crew and ground crew as well as servicing.

    I’m rooting for the 101 for all sorts of reasons from it being fully marinised to the fact that it has a stern ramp. It’s good enough to haul the POTUS around (even though they have to redesign a good chunk of it to support the ludicrous mission creep).

    As for Mi-17s for the Army…..that is IMO a waste of scarce resources. If the AAC wants to invest in anything, it ought to be the CH-47D Chinook which has proven to be THE lift platform of choice becuase of the amount of stuff it can haul. With aircrews as scarce as they are, the Chinooks offer the highest level of return.

    RMAF leadership wants to get out of the ‘pemandu bas’ mission and concentrate on activitties that are pretty much ego-boosting and of limited vlaue to the nation on a day to day basis.


  5. Hi Admin,

    So its back to EC725 and AW101 as your favourites. Govt must have increased the budget then?

    Hi Simon,

    Remember me? Long time no see!

  6. the security is in jeorpardy… pt 91 is not the answer… not to mention only 48 no’s acquired…. what on earth are those decision makers thinking… for a price of pt 91… add a few millions we can have a leclerc for eg… weight less than leopard 2… presto… now we can have a credible mbt. Su 30 mkm… hell we’re spending too much for a single jet.. with similar price we’re paying for 18 su 30mkm… we can get 30 no’s. that if a govt to govt negotiation take place instead of going thru a middle “men”….. same goes with scorpene… there’re putting our tax money not in a good use…. a whole bunch of our monies goes to the “middle Men”!!!!!!

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