MMEA Helicopter and LEO II FLIR

KUALA LUMPUR: To be honest, I was thinking of doing something else tonight but the sound of a Fenestron-equipped helicopter inspired me to write this posting.

As it is pitch black tonight, I am unable to positively identify the helicopter, which started doing the circuit about 9pm, but I am pretty sure it is one of the three Eurocopter EC155 which the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency received in August.

Although delivered, these helicopters are not yet in service as the essential mission equipment ( mostly the FLIR) as was reported in an earlier post, have not been installed in these aircraft. As I have made clear my position on the matter in the post, there is no need to repeat it in this post.

However, after the publication of the Auditor-General report that revealed at least two LEO II FLIR system, worth RM10.2 million)  are currently stored at the police Air Wing hangar  gathering dusts, got me thinking on the unwise decision to install the mission equipment on the EC155 locally.

Since MMEA had stated that the mission equipment of the EC155 was to be fitted locally, I wonder whether in trying to reduce costs and to make use of the dust gathering equipment, the Govt had decided to install the LEO II on the MMEA helicopters instead/

It is a distinctly possibility and since the FLIR was not compatible with the Mi-171 operated by Bomba (bought originally for police as detailed by the Auditor General report) it make sense for the pencil pusher to order the equipment be installed on the MMEA helicopters.

At the moment, Malaysian Defence cannot get anyone to confirm on my gut reaction but as soon as I get a closer look of the MMEA new helicopters and their mission equipment, I will definitely post it here even just to prove whether or not my gut feeling is wrong or right.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. Dear Sirs, just a short comment from an ex-RMAF Airman residing in Germany.From 1963 till 1970 I was flying with Caribous in K.L. and Labuan. One day in 1967 or 68, two S61 Nuris flown by Sqn.Ldr. Mohd. Ngah and his crews landed in Labuan on Detachment. The Choppers were very big and impressive. After flying around the region for some time, one Nuri was grounded ( AOG ). This particular heli sat on the ground doing nothing for over one year because a spare part was not available.Can you imagine that ? A brand new millon dollar American helicopter grounded due to lack of spare parts? Everybody shook their heads in dispair !! That meant only one Nuri was available for flight operations to cover the whole of Sabah. This happend a very long time ago. I hope the RMAF today, is much better organised. If not , best of luck and pray hard for a safe return. Thank you and best regards.

  2. Just a little correction, the 3 birds of MMEA are actually AS365N3. I believe there is no worry about spares because whoever advising them on spares, is doing a good job. The flir delay problem, i believe it is caused by avionic side problems.

  3. The EC-155 are apart from the AS 365 Dauphins..? How many are they .. could u suggest where i can get a good hang of what all MMEA has procured or received in last 2 years .. thanks

    Marhalim: Its 3 AS365 Dauphins not EC-155. This is among the first things that MMEA had procured and received within the last two years. They obtained patrols boats from the navy, police, customs and other agencies as hand-me downs. Most of these vessels are 30 plus years in age. You can check MMEA website for further info….

  4. thanks Marhalim … i did check the website but didn’t find any comprehensive list of the floating & air assets … all i could gather from various internet news clippings is that they have –
    Agusta AW139 Helicopter – 3
    Aérospatiale AS 365 Dauphin (Eurocopter)–Helicopter-4
    Bombardier Amphibious Aircraft 415 – 2
    CN 235 – 2
    Eurocopter EC 155 – 2

    but not getting what all they have & in the floating assets too ..

    Marhalim: CN235s? Not heard of that nor the EC155s, the EC155 are probably leased….the CL415s are coming

  5. Marhalim,
    This post “MMEA Helicopter and LEO II FLIR” also speaks of EC 155 that the MMEA received them in August 2006 .. didn’t quite get it and yes the RMAF has the CN-235s may be leased by MMEA

    Marhalim: It was my mistake. There is no EC155 with MMEA. I will correct it. Certainly no CN-235 with MMEA

  6. may i ask?
    at two years ago (arround 2007/2008), what equipment that MMEA bought?

    Marhalim: Off hand, I believe its the CL415 and the Aw139s

  7. can u guys tell me where i can find a news clipping about MMEA which purchased an useless equipment about 2 years ago? my friend say that it was a waste purchase. thanks!

    Marhalim: Can u give us more clue….

  8. it is true that equipment (CL415 and Aw139) mmea bought not use? why?

    Marhalim: The AW139s has not arrived yet, while the CL415, the second plane flew into country late last year just in time for LIMA, with its arrival the first 415 was sent to Canada to be fitted with mission systems. Like the first 415, the second 415 is being used to train flight crews and to validate SOPs, they are available for missions like SAR and fire fighting at the moment, although MMEA had not declared full mission status. Once the installation of the mission system is completed and certified, the same system will be installed on the second 415 supposedly in-country this time. The only fully operational MMEA air assets at the moment are the Dauphins…..

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