LKT 2018

SHAH ALAM: LKT 2018. The Army conducted its annual Latihan Kuasa Tembakan this year at the Gemas range over the last one week. The exercise ended on July 12 with the attendance of the Army chief Gen Zulkipfle Kassim.

For the occasion, the Army fired two Ingwe missiles from two Gempita AFV30 ATGW – the first in-country firings of the missiles with observers in attendance – following the end user acceptance trials in March. Both missiles hit their targets at the LKT firings.

On The Way…Ingwe missile leaving its box launcher from the AFV30 ATGW.

A number of IFV25 and AFV30s also took part in the exercise firing their 25mm and 30mm caliber guns whilst on the move.

Gempita AFV30s firing on the move.

The other ATGM in the Army service, Adnan mounted Bakhtar Shikan ATGM also took part in the exercise.

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As usual other fire support units in the Third Division also took part in the exercise from the Pendekar, Adnans, MIFV, 105mm and 155mm guns as well as an Astros battery also took part in the exercise.

One of the two Pendekars firing on the move.

Three A109LOH armed with the M134D miniguns also showed their capabilities.

PUTD AgustaWestland AW109 LOH firing its minigun on the range.

The target under fire

Two Sukhois and four Hawks from RMAF also took part in the Close Support segment which ended the live fire exercise together with a battery of Astros MLRS launchers.

Two SS-30s on the way to targets with another three just launched

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Compared to last year, this year exercise felt and look smaller, which was confirmed by Gen Zulkiple who said this year’s exercise cost RM17 million compared to the RM23 million last year. Most of it, he said were the cost of the live ordnance expanded during the week.

— Malaysian Defence.

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