Vietnam Acquires 12 Su-30MK2 Jets from Russia

KUALA LUMPUR: Vietnam is apparently on a modernisation drive, China or otherwise, it seemed that even the economic crisis is not stopping them.

Russia to deliver 12 warplanes to Vietnam under $500 mln contract

Malaysian Defence

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  1. w/ china is more and more louder in asserting claims on spartly islands, it is best for vietnam and other countries to assert their claims through gunboat diplomacy.

    i hope that w/ some military might, we can at least hold on to our claims on the islands. more reason for the public should now that spending on defence is not a waste of money as the opposition claims…

    Marhalim: We cannot hold on to the spratlys if china decides to go to war for it, remember they can go nuclear, we cant…

  2. Yeah, right stud…you and whose navy? You want to hold on to layang-layang…get friendly with Uncle Sam. Now if only JJ can find the time between chasing tail and smoking stogies to build a relationship with the country in whose cornflakes we like to pee in for domestic reasons.
    This is right along there with parity with the southern behemoth.

  3. if vietnam is acquiring the flanker also but with poor specification compared to the malaysian highly specialized version, so we must looks forward in acquiring more units of this fighter and make another Multi-Role Combat Aircraft fleet by acquiring the Super hornet or the gripen.

    18 of the fulcrum may be not sufficient enough and let’s make it at least 32 fighter!

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