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SHAH ALAM: Tejas for Lima 19. Indian news service, Business Standard, is reporting that a single Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd Tejas Light Combat Aircraft will be taking part in the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace 2019 (LIMA 19),this March.

HAL has yet to officially confirm the participation of the Tejas but based on posts on social media the maiden participation of the aircraft in the region is likely.


Business Standard reporting on Malaysian interest on the Tejas, in my opinion, is overly optimistic however.

Malaysia shows interest in India’s Tejas fighter jets, may buy 30 of them
Malaysia’s switch to the Tejas fighter would be a second disappointment to Pakistan, after Sri Lanka earlier backed away from the JF-17 after first expressing interest. Many experts consider the Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), though not yet fully developed, already far deadlier than its opposite number — the JF-17 Thunder fighter, developed by China and built in Pakistan. Now Malaysia too is endorsing the Tejas’ quality by shifting interest from the Sino-Pakistani to the Indian fighter.

Last year, Kuala Lumpur was discussing a deal with Pakistan to buy the JF-17. But now, the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) is signalling strong interest in the Tejas. Business Standard learns that Kuala Lumpur has asked New Delhi to send a Tejas

For the full story you could go here

The reference to JF-17 was of course where the story goes overly optimistic. I know there were some reports claiming that RMAF is seriously looking for the JF-17 for its MRCA programme. And now as the MRCA programme has been put on hold, the reports are now saying that RMAF is seriously looking at the JF-17 for its Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) project.


Even the RMAF project is called LCA, an aircraft dubbed LCA is not really an indication of its prominence. Note that the Tejas is the second foreign aircraft provisionally confirmed for LIMA 19 after the Gripen. It appears with just some 70 days to the show, not many are rushing to confirm their participation in the show.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Malaysia buying the tejas?

    Dream on India!

    Currently those halfway Mark 1A variant, is being sold to IAF at a price even more expensive than a Su-30MKI.

    IMO we are better off getting the Fa-50 or even the JF-17 rather than the tejas.

    Not to say there is nothing good we can get from india. im all for MKM spareparts or even the Larsen & Toubro wonderful Vikram class OPVs for APMM, anything but not the tejas!

  2. The last LIMA’17, Indian Air Force helicopters team were supposed to participate but did not. Tejas present will definitely be something to look forward to. Hopefully they’ll be on the aerial display part of the show 8)

  3. I am rooting for the JF-17 to participate for LIMA 2019 too. Then it would be a historical occasion where both of the Tejas and JF-17 is around at the same time!

  4. Each Tejas Mark 1A cost USD64 million each.

    Canada bought 25 Hornets from Australia for just USD68 million.

    Myanmar bought JF-17 from pakistan for just USD16 million each

    The Philippines bought FA-50 from south korea for about USD34 million each.

  5. Any possibility of T-X boeing as Malaysia’s next aircraft replacement? Its new generation too.

  6. Good choice In my opinion …Tejas is much better than JF-17 & FA-50 . We should not worry about cost because costly version is Mk-1A and NOT the Mk-1 which Malaysia has invited to participate for evaluations . Mk-1 just got FOC and have refueling probe ,new Mission computer and improved avionics .

  7. That is one ugly looking aircraft I have ever seen tbh with you. Like it was a 3rd generation aircraft. Why can’t we save up and buy something nice for our servicemen/women.

  8. Tejas is far better than Chinese JF 17 .The price is just $2 million more than JF 17. But during war Tejas will give an upper hand over its rivals as it uses the advanced technology. Good luck RMAF.

  9. @ david

    The Tejas Mk1 is a very2 temporary aircraft with loads of defects that cannot be modified.

    The Mk1 design is 1000kg (yes 1 ton) overweight that is only to be rectified in Mk1A design. That would need some major redesign of the structures. Those major redesign is what makes the cost so expensive.

    There is no EW systems whatsoever integrated for the Mk1.

    Due to weight issues the range is limited because of reduced tankage for fuel.

    Max weapon weight is also limited.

    It is only planned to build just 40 more Mk1 to add to the current 11 Mk1 before the better Mk1A is to be built. As it is the Mk1A is too expensive for the low performance fighter it is. A used F-16 upgraded to F-16V version would be cheaper, more capable, more range and much more confirmed flying hours (now at 13,000 hours) available. Or the cheaper FA-50 is currently way more capable than the severely deficient Mk1 Tejas.

  10. @ amit das

    Tejas is far better than the JF-17? It is still too early for april fools joke bro… And do note that i am no fan of the JF-17, so please don’t pollute our blog with your hindustani superiority complex.

  11. They cannot even build proper Tejas for their own Indian Airforce, and they think that they can export them to Malaysia? What a bunch of jokers those Indians.

  12. I would seriously laugh if the government would actually think of putting our guys and gals in these deathtraps

  13. Most of readers including myself here are unsatisfied if Tejas is picked. I would preffer korean TA/FA 50 if a flock of used F-16 upgrade to viper is a wet dream.

    Maybe a dedicated MPA or hercs C-130J to replace the old ones are more usefull than Tejas. nuri replacement will be a better choice.

    Well, it is for LIMA. I dont think Tejas will be taken for RMAF. I am worried that one or few major aeroindustry will not show their product as we all know it has been years the MMRCA program is still in the air. LIMA 2019 will be a quiet place.

  14. The Malaysian LCA/LIFT requirement is:

    One COMMON platform/family of fighters to perform

    1. Lead-in fighter trainer tasks to replace those done currently by MB-339CM and Hawk 108.

    2. Light attack, CAS and air defence duties currently done by Hawk 208 and probably peacetime QRA and air policing tasks formerly done by MiG-29N.

    Both the Tejas and JF-17 currently does not have dedicated training functions of their aircraft.

  15. i have nothing to say except face palm myself, 1st was the notion of JF17 now even worst Tejas… shaking my head… hopefully its just a media frenzy… for those who says Tejas is good enough, seriously , what era are you in?

  16. I guess most likely not enough participants…

    If we really had no choice, i will go for Jf-17.

    We will no go for super hornet or rafale due to $, politic, palm oil…

    Let’s stick with Russia with a solution on logistics n support else go for “IKEA” solution…

  17. For an event that is not even 3 months away, Lima’19 is really, really cold. Is Madey too fixated with his latest baby (Perotiga) that he now neglected this previous baby? Come on, Atuk! Give it some love!

  18. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty sure HAL Tejas is a capable aircraft in and of itself. But I personally believe that, if you’re going to spend that big amount of money & buy especially something that is technologically complicated such an airforce aircrafts, you would at least buy something nice & combat approved for its reliability in the long run. If budget is the concern, we could always hold & save up, but then again there’s this thing called politics.

    Our men & women in service (not limited to just RMAF) deserves that every once in a while, and I think it has been long overdue as well. And of course, I speak for myself.

  19. Best is to let RMAF decide for themselves, they are the one operating, flying and maintaining it.
    I hope the go for latest F16 version, proven and reliable. Look at our F18 hornets, the old version and still flying

  20. To me, F-16 is far better than Tejas, cost is almost 1 to 3 unit with bit of extra left for maintenance depending on the model. It can perform what Tejas perform and it is combat proven reliable. In another words, buy 30 of Tejas can also buy 60-70 F-16. Furthermore, RMAF also should consider purchasing newer air combat role aircraft such as SU-35 or other variant to counter F-35 threat from Singapore (not really a threat, but yeah to show off to our neighbor we also got planes one…). SU-35 is at 50-75million USD which means that RMAF can save up bit more to expand our fleet. F-18 is already capable to perform certain combat roles that Tejas are going to perform at the moment.

  21. @Dodo Tejas has 4100+ flights without any minor/major accident. How can it be a deathtrap?

    To the anonymous user, Tejas do have EW suites from ELISRA mounted on a external pod.

  22. @ ceaed

    Does hanging something in a pod (which means 1 less hardpoint for weapons or drop tanks) is considered integrated?

    From all the potential fighter for malaysian LCA and FLIT requirement, the Tejas is the one that is the least operationally ready by far.

  23. Tejas atleast has better performance and systems than FA-50 which cant even fire BVR .What a Shame !! That JF-17 looks okey but it also lacks Helmet Mounted System like FA-50 . I dont know how FA-50 and JF-17 can dream of WVR victory without HMS and HOBS capability ?

    If we have to buy LCA , Tejas is my 1st choice . 12 are in IAF service now and received Final operational clearance too . FA-50 cant even refuel in air .

  24. @ amiruddin

    Hey kid!

    We have our MKM and Hornets for whatever wet dreams you have about BVR!

    We need LCA/FLIT for more important day to day skillset teaching and retention, sovereignty and security tasks, which none involves daily BVR kills!!!

    So get off the net and go play in the local playground or something.

  25. @…

    could you justify why the same amount of cost for the RMAF to go after tejas than JAS 39C ?

  26. Sorry marhalim i cannot post this in the uav article as the spambot went haywire.

    On the RFI for UAVs

    Our main use for those UAVs is basically the relatively not busy skies of east of Sabah for ESSCOM, and off Sarawak to monitor Chinese navy and coast guard ships.

    The wing loong II would be the most cost effective of the 3, but clearly the chinese knows everything about it, so it is possible that chinese ships can see all the datalink from the wing loong II.

    The MQ9 is the most expensive, this is the cost of the MQ9 reaper sale to the netherlands is about usd339 million for 4 airframes

    The anka is also quite pricy. 10 ankas for turkey cost usd300 million.

  27. ……

    We have radar and ESM to detect and monitor ships: whether Chinese or otherwise. Those have always been the prime tools we use to detect contacts in our waters. We use UASs to take imagery or visually confirm something and to detect stuff that might not turn up on radar or ESM: as well as to maintain prolong coverage which our small numbers of short range MPAs have problems doing.

    For me what really is “cost effective” is not the procurement price but operating costs throughout its service period and any integration work we may require with existing assets.


    2 separate things here. The RMAF has a legitimate need for MRCAs as the small number of Flankers and Hornets can barely meet training and operational requirements; not to mention the possibility of something serious breaking out at short notice. We need a LCA because not all the threats we face requires a Flanker or a Hornet and that LCA can also be utilised as a training platform. In short, the MRCAs and LCAs complement each other – there is no such thing as one being better than the other. Each has its own merits.

  28. Malaysia should go for the Aermacchi M-346 as trainer and light multi role attack aircraft as the present financial situation permits. The existing SU-30s to be upgraded in stages. No need for the nation to buy expensive and high end fighters as we do not have troublesome neighbours at the present moment.

  29. Forget about Tejas, RMAF should opt for FA-50/TA-50 or Aermacchi M-346. JF-17 maybe more budget friendly but the engine same with MIG-29 which RMAF have bad experience on it even at Block III version.

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