KUALA LUMPUR: I do not know who to blame, the people who asked the questions or the one answering the questions…..Anyway happy Armed Forces and Malaysia Day.

Armed Forces Ready For Modernisation Of Military

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 15 (Bernama) — The Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM), which celebrates its 75th anniversary Tuesday, is ready to enter a dimension of modernisation with professionalism.

ATM chief General Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Zainal said the modernisation of the armed forces was in line with its development capability plan as stated by the dimension development plan.

He said that among the modernisation programmes were the acquisition of Agusta A-109H helicopters for the army, submarines and the Sukhoi SU 30 MKM fighter aircraft.

“It is a first step by ATM to bring about change, in line with our objective. In a modern, challenging and dangerous environment, ATM is committed to ensuring that its personnel are exposed to the latest military and technology systems,” he told reporters in a special interview here recently, in conjunction with the anniversary celebrations.

ATM’s tactical or operational aspects would also be upgraded through the acquisition of weapons and strategic technological assets to arm the three ATM branches – Army, Navy and Air Force.

Abdul Aziz said equipments and weapons for the army would be integrated with combat and armoured vehicles, artillery and communications equipment.

As for the navy and air force, the weapons would focus more on early warning assets, data link, reconnaissance, combat and communications to face a multi-domain war.

“The equipments being acquired by ATM include the SUKHOI 30 MKM fighter aircraft, replacements for the Nuri helicopters, Scorpene submarines and multi-role ships.

“ATM is also upgrading its information technology capability, in line with the long-term development capability characterised by Real Time Information Technology.”

He said in line with modernisation and future threats, ATM would be developing a Future Soldier System (FSS) programme for its personnel.

Abdul Aziz however, said the FSS development programme needed a thorough, systematic and continuous study.

“FSS involves the future warfare concept, current technological development, doctrine and sub-systems. The FSS philosophy will focus on tangible and intangible development, professionalism and knowledge level of ATM personnel.

“ATM personnel who command this aspect can conduct their duties in a “network centric” environment, the catalyst for modern conflicts,” he said.

He said the acquisition of equipments and weapons was aimed at creating a versatile armed forces capable of meeting any possibility, adding that ATM was always committed to safeguarding national security to instill confidence in the people.

“I am hopeful that the development of ATM can be coordinated with national development. ATM can be a role model as an organisation that gives priority to high professionalism.

“The 75th anniversary motto, ‘Our Commitment, Your Confidence’ is ATM’s sacrifice for the country. We will protect the country’s security and sovereignty with all professionalism,” he said.

Abdul Aziz said, to ensure stability and national security, ATM cooperated with security agencies like National Security Council, Police (PDRM), Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency, Immigration and Customs.

Cooperation with the police involved annual operation and training, and its report was tabled at the annual ATM/PDRM Operation and Training Coordination Committee.

ATM also has military cooperation and training with foreign countries, via operations, training and military exercises.

“Bilateral training with foreign countries were Keris Strike Exercise (Malaysian Army and United States Pacific Command), Cope Taufan (RMAF and USAAF), Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) and Kekar Malindo Exercise,” said Abdul Aziz.


–Malaysian Defence

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  1. We don’t need any of this LandWarrior type rubbish. The US experience is that the vast majority of the stuff is left unused in operational situations since it brings little to the game. Money is much better spent on more focused and better quality training rather than yet more gadgets that become rapidly obsolescent. This is the lesson from 7 years of warfighting and comes right back to the notion of the warrior and his tools. The latter are useless if the former is unable to master them.

    Virtually all the C4I systems are little more than PowerPoint masturbatory fantasies for staff and HQ types. It provides an illusion that they are contributing directly to the fight when all they are really doing is creating drag in the OODA loop. These systems hog bandwidth and stress comms networks so that someone can have a cool looking display in the Op Center.

    What has been found to be much more effective is to push down intel and data to the trigger pullers and let them make the decision as to what is relevant and what is not. One of the paradoxes of C2 systems has been to bloat staffs and not shrink them. The promise of force multiplication is seriously exaggerated compared to simpler, less rigid and more intuitive approaches like SIPRNet and FalconView ahich simply serve as resources for leaders (O and E grades) to draw on as needed.

    Culturally, the Army has a huge problem of ingrained mediocrity. Enlisted personnel in particular are not prepared to think and question. They are not encouraged to think for themselves but simply to follow orders. Frederick the Great would be well pleased. Until and unless this is replaced by a culture of grater openness and critical thought, all the shiny toys in the world will be of little value. Hmmm….this applies to the nation as a whole……

    Perhaps it is fitting that Armed Forces and Malaysia Day fall together. The former is necessarily a reflection of the latter.

  2. Marhalim,

    Interesting poll on the Defense White Paper. Why dont you write down some of your thoughts on what the white paper should contain?

    Marhalim: I do not want to influence the poll but I will expand on the matter once its closed.

  3. I predict that the Malaysian Defence Force will be forced to drop the M4 Colt rubbish. My analysis of the choice of weapons and the requirements of the Malaysia Defence Force have lead me to believe that they will be either force to find another weapons or upgrade the current service rifle – the next Gen AUG. Mostly it would be easier and cheaper to just upgrade. However, we will have to just see.

    Marhalim: Unless, SME and Steyr reconciled their difference, the Army cannot go back to the Next Gen AuG. Of course its the cheaper and more logical option but in Malaysia, anything can happen.

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