Budget 2009. Did Anyone Notice?


KUALA LUMPUR: On Aug 29, Pak Lah announced the nation’s biggest budget in history, RM207.9 billion, which was mostly panned by critics. It was also a bad budget for people like me, those in the middle class.

Anyway, how much did he allocated for defence?

Not much really, there was a slight increase in the operating expenditure of the defence sector at RM18.232 billion compared to the RM17.232 billion spent in 2008-2007. From the RM18 billion, defence is only allocated RM10.651 billion while the rest is meant for internal security or police and border security.

No reason was given for the higher management allocation, I can only presume it is a reflection of higher fuel prices and the increase in salaries and allowances.

The biggest surprise is of course the 42.1 cut in allocation for the development (procurement) expenditure which is now listed at RM4.073 billion. Last year, defence got RM7.032 billion.

Of course based on previous years experience, they will spent a little bit more but the amount, its pittance. Just a little above USD1 billion and the amount is shared by defence (RM3.014 billion) and the rest for police and internal security.

I believe the cut in development expenditure is the biggest since the 1997 economic crisis.

The implications? Nothing much this year and next year. The money is only enough to pay for the delivery of the rest of the Sukhoi Su-30MKMs and perhaps spare parts for armed forces equipment, ie pumps, etc. Looks like the cronies will have to sleep out the next few years….

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  1. I’ve notice that Pak Lah or maybe Anwar Ibrahim do nothing in order to prepare Malaysia from being like BOSNIA. Come on wake up Malaysian, how come we just proud with KLCC but our defence are veryyyy weak. look at Sweeden guys, the non NATO can rely on their on technology.

  2. Dont compare us with Sweden. Sweden has one of the lowest corruption ratings in the world. Also their regular military force is only about 10,000 men. We have 100K++.

    Marhalim: The weird thing about the Swedish is that they may not be tainted by corruption in their country, but they tend to look away when it come to foreign countries. Indian Bofors deal is one those weird things….

  3. Do not forget the opposition leader’s statement about the new RMA procurements. i don’t know how come from his point of view that the new military purchase are not important. may be he wanted Malaysia will be like BOSNIA?? KERIS vs SENAPANG ?

    Thanks to our previous PM we obtained Flanker. To our PM (Pak Lah) please step down Malaysian want a secure country.


    Marhalim: Thanks to Mahathirism we got Pak Lah, and a rojak armed forces, neither there nor here.

  4. Mahathir may have ordered the Flankers, but it is Pak Lah who had to pay for them. Same with Scorpenes. So say thank you to both.

  5. The warrior is the weapon, everything else are tools. I can fight with a 50 year old AK or a 40 year old M16. Heck, some of the nicest AKs are the old milled ones. But if I don’t get training resources, gee-whiz go faster stuff ain’t worth squat.

    Politicos, pundits and the military are obsessed with shiny toys and baubles. That does not make us badass. A warrior mindset and dedication to the business of killing people, that makes us badass.
    If we want to get into dick measuring contests, we are bound to lose since our jiran selatan spends as much as all of ASEAN combined AND without the kickbacks.


    Kan slogan ni shiok?

  6. Malaysian should invest more. period. i like the last line on cronies. Personally, Malaysia should choose its warfare doctrine, whether to Americanize or to Russianize. Owh well maybe F18 can fight alongside the Su after all.

    Marhalim: It was the Old Man who decided that we had to placate both powers so what had happened to Saddam did not happen to us. To me the reasoning is foolish of course, as shown by Saddam’s open ended demise.

    Of course, we have prevailed to operate both the Sukhois and Hornets but to what cost?

  7. DSAI or Pak Lah if you read this blog, please concider to allocate as much budget as we can to purchase military equipment. WE RAKYAT WANNA A SECURE COUNTRY. We don’t want Malaysia be like another bosnia or Georgia.

    Marhalim: Money is available, wisdom is another ball game..

  8. Oh, I also forgot about the MB339CDs they are getting within this next 12 months and the second MLRS regiment. Talk about tight! I only thought it my pocket being squeezed by the higher prices!

  9. Uhhh…we the rakyat want a government that is much less corrupt and inept. I don’t want Malaysia to be Zimbabwe.
    A strong economy is the best way to fund defence.


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