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Shah Alam


  1. Sorry….the budget for an Ucapan Hari Kemerdekaan oredi allocated for teh tarik next week. Please come back next year. Inshallah ada management baru.

  2. somehow i have a feeling even w/ new management, national defense is not their priority nor it will be increased.

    all this judging from history of their views on national defense.

  3. Can new management bring change? Can ACA probe armed forces procurement process? Can the armed forces create its own investigatory committee that is independent to check on itself? Should the armed forces do its own a la “Stalin’s purging” to start fresh alongside with a purpotedly clean, new management?

    In bolehland you never know… but you can always hope.

  4. There is no need to purge the Armed Services. There is a need to restructure them to better serve the nation and to uplift the condition and livelihood of the lower ranks in particular while attracting and retaining talent in the leadership.

    There will have to be some house cleaning though. How much naturally depends on the how receptive they are to the new agenda. Stick and carrot.

  5. happy bufday to you!!
    may god bless you malaysia!!
    this is a 13 year old pupil doing this!!!!

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