Maiden Flight Of Gripen E

Gripen E first flight

SHAH ALAM: Saab’s latest generation fighter jet – the Gripen E – made its maiden flight on June 15. The aircraft – tail number 39-8 – took off at 10.32am local time from Saab’s development facility at Linkoping, flown by test pilot, Marcus Wandt.

The aircraft flew for 40 minutes, reaching an altitude of nearly 4000 meters before touching down safely. During the flight, the aircraft carried out a number of actions to demonstrate various test criteria including the retracting and extending of the landing gear.

Gripen E 39-8 on its maiden flight. Saab

Wandt told an online press conference that the test flight went smoothly. “The flight was just as expected, with the aircraft performance matching the experience in our simulations. Its acceleration performance is impressive with smooth handling. Needless to say I’m very happy to have piloted this maiden flight,” says Wandt.
Test Pilot Marcus Wandt after first flight with Gripen E

Apart from 39-8, Saab is expected to fly two more Gripen E prototypes as part of the development program of the new aircraft.

Gripen E takes off first time

Sweden is expected to purchase 60 of the planes to gradually replace the Gripen C/D models already in service. Brazil has already agreed to procure 36 Gripen E and Gripen F two-seater aircraft.

Gripen E landing after its maiden flight

The Gripen E was first revealed in a ceremony last year, and is expected to start service with the Swedish Air Force in 2019. However, the first operational squadron is only expected to be in service in 2023.

Gripen E first flight

Saab is offering the Gripen E to Malaysia for the MRCA requirement. Even though the Eurofighter Typhoon and Dassault Rafale has been shortlisted for the program, funding delay may well allow the Gripen as well as the Boeing Super Hornet back into reckoning in the near future.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. A great contender for MRCA program and a good choice for Malaysia airforce to consider of

  2. If Goverment has a Good Shot for JAS-39E Replacing BAe hawk as a Light Multirole Fighter look So Bright after all.

  3. @ syed amirul

    Gripen E is too expensive (the price is almost equal to a super hornet) to be a candidate for the hawk replacement. A hawk replacement platform should also be able to fulfil the LIFT training requirement too. We need to consolidate various platforms, like what the navy is doung with the 15 to 5 plan.

  4. A hi-lo mix of Su-30MKM and Gripen E/F would be great, as what RSAF did with their F-15SG and F-16s.

    Forget the “TUDM wont bother to get single engine jets”, I’m looking at Gripen as an inland/point defense jets

  5. If there is a Hawk 208 replacement requirement, The Gripen C/D would be ideal for the job as it would only cost in the range of USD30 mil to USD40 mil (I believe Sweeden still offers it)

  6. sorry lari dari tajuk sikit,soalan pertama:ada siapa2 tahu tak meriam 155mm FH-70 digunakan lagi atau tidak?soalan kedua: apa status pemberian 4 buah helikopter blackhawk dari brunei cancel atau pending?terima kasih.

  7. @ kamal

    I would be a hardcore gripen c/d avocator if it is really just usd30-40 million per plane!!

    Yes saab is still offering the c/d, but based on the latest offer to bulgaria (2017) it is something like usd70 million per plane.

    usd30-40 million range could only be fulfilled by something like philippines FA-50 buy (around usd 420 million for 12 fighters) or free F-16s, with only refurbishment costs to be paid for (like indonesian 24 f-16 peace bima sena II contract for usd 750 million)

  8. Mr…,

    I don’t care you said. As long Gripen E/F is still Good For LIFT and Light Fighter. But C/D, I still do want New Gripen.

  9. Syed,

    Gripen can never be a substitute for the Hawks as both are in not in the same category. The Gripen is a front line multi role type and the Hawk is a trainer with a point defence and light attack function : both are intended for different purposes. If indeed replacements are being sought for the Hawk, candidates would include the
    FA-50, M346, etc.


    Gripen was always a great contender and at one point had strong backing but it’s water under the bridge now.


    FH-70 dah lama pencen. Hampir 13 tahun.

    MacKenzie – ”Forget the “TUDM wont bother to get single engine jets”, I’m looking at Gripen as an inland/point defense jets”

    Indeed there was a school of thought years ago that said the RMAF doesn’t need more twin engine heavyweight platforms as it already has Hornets and MKMs and that what it should get is a single engine lightweight fighter.

    As for the single vs twin engine debate; whatever the respective merits or personal preferences are on the matter, the fact remains that the RMAF’s requirements do not call for a single engine front line type.

  10. If the recent hawk incident came out to be cause by engine failure, then there will be more strong point for RMAF to get twin engine platform for the MRCA program.

    The MRCA program has always called for twin engine aircraft

  11. Off topic.does anyone know when the ‘MH6 Little Birds’ are coming?

    By November or December. Note its MD530G…

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