D-Day For Kuala Lumpur Airbase

SHAH ALAM: D-Day for Kuala Lumpur airbase. Within the next three weeks, the Muhyiddin administration will or will not make any decision on the Bandar Malaysia project. It is not the most pressing issue for the new administration compared to other things in its to-do-list including the appointment of ministers, ones who will not attract further criticisms, of course.

Anyhow if there is no further review of the Bandar Malaysia project – the redevelopment of the Kuala Lumpur airbase – which likely started in the Abdullah Badawi administration but followed through and implemented by Najib and reviewed by the Mahathir one – it will go ahead in the current version.

RMAF Museum crest in 2016

If this is so, the Defence Ministry and RMAF are likely to go ahead and handover the whole airbase on March 31. The handover date was likely made after the Mahathir administration approved the revival of Bandar Malaysia project in late last year, though I admit the current imbroglio may well forced the postponement of the event. They could also delay the handover but not make any furthe review of the project. Malaysian Defence had reported that the ministry had advertised various request for bids for the relocation of units still operating at the airbase.
Personnel from 3rd Squadron posed for a group picture as part of the farewell from Sg Besi in late 2016. TUDM picture.

Anyhow if the event took placed as schedule, it is a clear indication that things are returning to the norm. Anyhow the political imbroglio is likely delay the decision for the relocation site of the RMAF museum. The aircraft from the former museum is currently stored at the former PDRM Air Wing hangars located on the adjacent of the former airbase.
RMAF VIP helicopters, the Agusta and Blackhawk flying to Subang from Sg Besi airport when they stopped operatin from the airbase in late 2016. TUDM picture

I was told that the Mahathir administration had wanted the new RMAF museum be built at the former PDRM air wing site, after some renovation of course. However, it appears that the RMAF museum was supposed to be relocated to a purpose built site at the Sendayan airbase, the biggest replacement site for the Kuala Lumpur airbase.
CDF Gen Affendi Buang visiting the Armed Force gallery on February 19. Markas ATM

The final decision on the new RMAF museum was supposed to be hammered out this month ahead of the handover ceremony but I guess that’s been postponed now. It must be noted that a new Armed Forces gallery has been opened at the Dataran Pahlawan complex in Putrajaya in early February. It is not a museum but I am told that there was a plan to turn it into a museum in the future.

–Malaysian Defence

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