Second Economic Stimulus Package

KUALA LUMPUR: The Government is expected to table a new economic stimulus package, dubbed the mini-budget, at the next parliament sitting. What ever the package will be, it certainly a welcome relief from the troubles in Perak recently.

What ever my wish for a life line for the armed forces it is certainly tempered with the realisation that our procurement policies especially for defence are flawed and any money meant for the armed forces will inevitably be sucked out to help the over-privileged.

Unlike Singapore, which need a huge financial package to ensure their defence industry remained viable during this troubled times, we do not faced the same predicament. It is during this time, Malaysian Defence is somewhat relieved that the local defence industry does not as much support as their Singaporean counterparts. It makes ironic reading during good times but in these kind of economic atmosphere, its a big relief.

The only industry that may need some economic lifeline from the government may well be the Lumut Naval Dockyard but with the continuing problems with the PV fleet, it remained a constant reminder that it is a money black hole. We could also direct some money to SME Ordnance for a batch of ammunition but as most of the materials are imported it may need do the trick to the local economy.

One way to get money for defence is to fund construction projects for the armed forces like building new military quarters, hospitals and other facilities. It maybe the best option but with the bad track record for such projects within the last three decades, Malaysian Defence cannot justify calling for the funding.

As I had said it before, the economic crisis is a blessing disguise, for the armed forces at least. For you and me? It may not be the best of times.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. With limited resources and funding, if i have the money i would place more on SME ordinance. Produce enough quality ammo, quality M14 and probably expand to mortars, RPG and if possible SAM (MANPADS).

    Giving limited credit, Bousted i believe had done rather well in reviving the NGPV project despite al the past even problems associated with it. Rather than spending RM6 billion on 2 new frigates, if funding allowed, would rather go for NGPV batch 2 or uparm the existing NGPV to missile guided corvettes

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