Softies and the Army’s Responsibilities Part II

KUALA LUMPUR: TO be fair to the army and the armed forces, I must add that the lack of good leadership seemed to pervade the whole society. Malaysia is now ruled generally by a bunch of leaders who got to the top “by who they know and not what they know”.

How else can you explained the rise of a 30-something who seemed to rule over everything from football to politics. And you can see this monopoly is also extended to a select group of business people who seemed to have their fingers in everything.

What about the AP king who also got his fair share of taxi permits? From what I see, the culture of who you know seemed to have risen for the last two decades, as we rushed to fill the leadership vacuum with the people of our own colour even if they have no capability nor ability to be there.

Remember Tajuddin Ramli and Amin Shah?

Whats even more sickening is that these people, seemed oblivious to their failings and even worse tend to be a negative influence to the organisation and industry they are “parachuted”.

And once in place, they bully and victimised the good people and marginalised them.

Replacing these good people are cronies and the whole process of mediocrity keeps on growing and growing. It is so bad that even a leader who is championing the cause of transparency and corruption seemed to be surrounded by the same people he is fighting against.

The end justifying the means? I have yet to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

–Malaysian Defence

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