Who Will Be the New Defence Minister? Part III Edited

KUALA LUMPUR: THE PM just announced that the Kementah hot seat has been taken up by Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who was recently voted as one of the three UMNO VP. Najib certainly chose the non-favourite candidate to take up the post, long associated with himself, of course.

Ahmad Zahid was the left field candidate for the post. As I had speculated, Jalan Padang Tembak is clearly not a wonderful posting during these hard times. Other ministries remained money magnets even during these times although if this was really a transformational cabinet, it would not really matter doesnt it?

Would there be any radical changes in Kementah or the Armed Forces? With money lacking I doubt it but it will depend on how Ahmad Zahid take on the best course of action for the armed forces. My prayers are with the soldiers, sailors and airmen.

–Malaysian Defence.

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  1. Dunno much about him other than his view regarding UMNO & PAS, I was rather surprised that the man has such an open,cautious and welcoming view regarding the two parties i.e collaboration etc… This is in contrast against the views other ‘totok’ leaders from the ruling party which always has this arrogant,smug aura whenever they talk about PAS. IMO of course, and I am not putting all PAS leaders on the pedestal either, just that they have much less bad apples compared to UMNO.

    If somebody could go talk to him mano a mano, we could be surprised what the man can do. I believe he is quite a straight guy that you can talk seriously with regarding national defense reformation and what not.

    Marhalim: From my own experience with him, I consider him to be a much more classical UMNO politician, much more akin to the old Anwar Ibrahim. Yup. Ahmad Zahid come out through the ranks by being an Anwarista first. He was almost tempted to join Anwar shortly after the 1997 sacking but I believe he did not follow through perhaps due to his experience in dealing with the Old Man. Remember that when Mahathir released the name of cronies after the reformasi movement dredged up the issue, Ahmad Zahid name was one among the most prominent name mentioned in that list. I have not spoken to Ahmad Zahid recently but I believed if given the choice, he would not have accepted the defence portfolio during this time….

  2. Marhalim,

    The new Minister has announced that he wants to establish a TA Battalion in each parliamentary area in this country. Thats 222 areas. He targets 600K TA members in 5 years.

    Marhalim: It could be done, if there is enough money to do so – money that need to be taken from the active forces – and the need to consolidate the RELA, Civil Defence Corps, National Service and Police reserves into Wataniah. I foresee the need to build at least 200 camps which needs more money….

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