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SHAH ALAM: Falco Evo. The Leonardo Falco Evo UAS is the European company proposal for the RMAF UAS RFI issued in late 2018. The Falco Evo is among the eight UAVs which were put forward for the RFI. The others include the Anka, Wing Loong II and the Orion E from Russia.

Falco Evo UAS. Leonardo

From Leonardo

The FALCO EVO UAV system is a persistent unmanned surveillance asset able to carry a wide selection of multispectral sensors suites allowing reliable real-time stand-off target detection, classification, identification and shadowing, becoming a valuable information and intelligence node integral with any national C4I network.It leverages directly on the FALCO System’s proven mission reliability record, delivering superior performance (multi payload capability, endurance and mission range) that matches higher end unmanned systems.
Typical system configuration includes a Ground Control Station (GCS) connected to a Ground Data Terminal (GDT), a Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and typically three air vehicles with associated mission payload suites tailored to customer’s needs.The FALCO EVO’s specific characteristics of deployability, multi-mission capability, mission endurance and reduced logistic footprint represent a true and effective system solution, providing valuable LOS/BLOS targets detection, tracking and identification in ground, littoral and maritime environments.
Alongside the operationally proven FALCO, the FALCO EVO UAV System is aimed at dual-use requirements providing 24/7, all-weather persistent regional surveillance, covering a wide range of missions and complementing typical military roles (theatre persistent multispectral surveillance) with government/commercial missions such as border patrol, coastal watch, immigration prevention, law enforcement, power and pipelines surveillance, illegal fishery prevention and environmental monitoring. The platform is able to carry a wide selection of mission payloads including Electro-Optical (EO)/Infra-red (IR)/Laser Range Finder (LRF)/Laser Designator (LD), Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), passive and active Electronic Warfare (EW) equipment with the ability to carry combined payload suites function of the mission task, including SATCOM operations

Falco Evo GCS. Leonardo

Like other MALE UAS, the Falco Evo has an 20 hour plus endurance, a ceiling of 6000 metres and a 200km range which could be extended with satellite communications. Leonardo offers the UAS with a laser marker and designator – among other equipment – though based on a Google search of the operators – Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and United Nations -it appears that Falco Evo or its earlier version are not armed unlike others offered for the RMAF RFI.
Leonardo ATR 72 MPA. Leonardo

It must be noted that Leonardo in early March highlighted the capability of the Falco Evo UAS to work with Italian Navy ATR 72 MPA. Whether or not this is part of the offer to Malaysia for both the UAS and MPA tenders is beyond me.

— Malaysian Defence

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