Commando Mortar in the Wild

The HDS 60mm Commando Mortar in service with 7 Rejimen Sempadan. 7 Rejimen Sempadan.

SHAH ALAM: Back in May 2023, Malaysian Defence wrote that a tender to ship fourty-seven 60mm mortars was published in Eperolehan. Six months later the Hirtenberger M6 Commando mortars were formally delivered to the Army.

Some of the equipment issued to 7 Rejimen Sempadan. Note the FAST helmet.

Some eight months later, we now know that one of the units which received the 60mm Commando mortars is Batalion 7 Rejimen Sempadan based in Kidurong camp in Bintulu, Sarawak. The unit displayed the mortar during an career day exhibition at the Universiti Putra Malaysia campus in Bintulu in mid-May. It posted the exhibition in its Facebook page. They also displayed other weapons of the unit including the M4A1 carbine and a GPMG. A soldier in a ghillie suit also took part.
A soldier fully kitted out for combat with vest, knee and shoulder pads is armed with an M4A1 carbine. Another soldier is wearing a ghillie suit usually used by snipers though he did not hold a weapon. 7 Rejimen Sempadan.

Malaysian Defence came across the posting as the battalion made the headlines recently when one of its soldiers went missing during a survey of the borders between Sarawak and Brunei near Limbang. Private Muhammad Syafiq Hilmi Abdul Halim remained missing since June 18. The SAR operations for the missing soldier is still being conducted some 18 days after he went missing.

The release on the missing soldier.

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LIMBANG, 3 Julai 2024 – Operasi Search and Rescue (SAR) Prebet Muhammad Syafiq Hilmi bin Abdul Halim, anggota Batalion Ke-7 Rejimen Sempadan (7 RS) yang dilaporkan hilang sejak 18 Jun 2024 lalu sewaktu bertugas dalam Operasi UKUR di Limbang, Sarawak kini memasuki hari Ke-16.
Perkara ini mendapat perhatian dan penglibatan langsung daripada Panglima Medan Timur Tentera Darat (PMT TD), Leftenan Jeneral Dato’ Mohd Sofi bin Md Lepi yang turun padang ke Forward Operating Base (FOB) Ulu Mendalam menggunakan Helikopter EC 725 Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM) pada 3 Julai 2024. Beliau turut disertai oleh Panglima 1 Divisyen – Mejar Jeneral Datuk Mohamed Fauzi bin Kamis dan Panglima 31 Briged – Brigedier Jeneral Kamarulzaman bin Hj Mohd Yunos. PMT TD turut melakukan tinjauan udara di kawasan pencarian untuk mendapatkan gambaran yang lebih jelas tentang situasi di lapangan.
Aturgerak pasukan SAR dibahagikan kepada beberapa kumpulan yang menumpukan pencarian di kawasan-kawasan tertentu yang telah dikenalpasti bagi memastikan pencarian dilakukan dengan sangat terperinci dan menyeluruh. Ia meliputi pencarian secara Ground Search dan Air Search yang melibatkan kolaborasi strategik pelbagai agensi termasuk TUDM, Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) bersama unit Anjing Pengesan K9 serta Jabatan Ukur dan Pemetaan Malaysia (JUPEM). Negara Brunei Darussalam turut mengaturgerakkan aset darat dan udara daripada Angkatan Bersenjata Diraja Brunei (ABDB) dan pencarian dipergiatkan lagi dengan unit Anjing Pengesan K9 untuk membantu dalam operasi pencarian.
Kehadiran PMT TD di lokasi pencarian menterjemahkan komitmen tinggi Tentera Darat Malaysia (TDM) dalam usaha mencari anggota yang hilang. Dengan persediaan yang rapi dan penggunaan peralatan khusus, operasi SAR di Limbang diharapkan dapat menemui anggota yang hilang dengan segera dan selamat. TDM akan terus berusaha tanpa henti sehingga objektif operasi ini tercapai. Masyarakat diminta turut sama mendoakan agar Prebet Syafiq segera ditemui.

A makeshift helicopter landing has been hacked out from the forest for the SAR operation. Note the tarpaulin next to the landing site. It is used to house the camp for the SAR personnel. Army.

Anyhow, it appears that the commando mortars are now part of the Rejimen Sempadan battalion’s weapons. It is likely these are issued to the line companies instead of the support company as with the Royal Malay and Royal Ranger battalions. It is unclear whether the support company of the RS are equipped with 81mm mortars like the other infantry battalions.
A visitor trying out a GPMG at the career exhibition. 7 Rejimen Sempadan.

As the Army has upgraded the RS battalion as the other infantry units, perhaps they will be issued with 81mm mortars as well. 7 RS Battalion is part of 31st Brigade, one of three such formation under 1 Division based in Kuching, Sarawak. The other brigades are Third in Kuching and Ninth in Sibu.
The HDS 60mm mortar commando variant. HDS

The 30th brigade is the headquarters of the RS battalions, based in northern Peninsula. The third RS brigade -likely the 32nd Brigade- has yet to be stand up but it is likely to be based in Sabah as part of the 5th Division. The future brigade is likely to be based in while the other brigades in 5th Division are based in Lahad Datu (13th) and the Fifth in Kota Belud. The new units are part of the Army expansion following the Lahad Datu incident in 2013.
— Malaysian Defence

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  1. To me it’s puzzling why there would be a need for 60mm mortars when the Milkor and the Serb equivalent are capable of laying HE, illum an smoke rounds.

  2. Extra firepower as it’s role has been expanded as a standard infantry battalion despite their designation as a border. That said they are still mostly located in the border areas.

  3. Tom Tom – β€œ, why would a regimen sempadan need mortars”

    Why wouldn’t it? Just because it’s a β€œRegimen Sempadan” doesn’t mean it’s role is confined to dealing with low level threats.

  4. P.S. Assuming the unit does not have Milkors; without mortars how it would it be able to lay smoke and illum? Please don’t ask why there would be a need to lay smoke and illum.

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