Teguh and Gagah Samudera Commissioned

LUMUT: South Korean designed training ships – Teguh Samudera and Gagah Samudera – were finally commissioned into the RMN today. With the commissioning both ships are officially known as KD Gagah Samudera (271) and KD Teguh Samudera (272).

They are now part of the Skuadron 27 training unit. Both ships were supposed to be commissioned by late 2013 but that was scrubbed as both were left uncompleted after their launch as its original builder was foreclosed by its financial institution after the company failed to service its own loan.

Gagah and Teguh with their ships colours after the commissioning ceremony

The Defence Ministry took several years to overcome the issue before awarding the contract to Grade One Marine Shipyard in Lumut to complete both ships. The contract for Grade One was awarded on Mar. 27, 2016.

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Gagah Samudera, prior to her launch. in late 2012.

Teguh was launched on Feb. 27, 2013, some after two months after Gagah was launched (Dec 14, 2012) Both were supposed to be commissioned within six months after their launch at the NGV Tech Sdn Bhd yard in Sinjangkang, Selangor. The ship yard was foreclosed by Maybank soon after Teguh was launched as its owners failed to service their loans.

Teguh Samudera seen prior to the launching ceremony in early 2013.

The first commanding officers of Gagah and Teguh are Cdr. Mahamad Nazir Darus and Cdr. Ahmad Nazim Salomon.

The COs of Teguh (left) and Gagah

Speaking to reporters after the commissioning ceremony, RMN chief Adm. Kamarulzaman Badaruddin says that the two ships will be under the command of the service’s training command. It is for this reason, he says that they are not part of the RMN’s fleet and therefore was not part of the 15 to 5 transformation plan

The MSI 30mm RWS of Teguh and Gagah

Kamarulzaman says for the time being, as RMN was short of vessels for operational tasking, both Gagah and Teguh would from time to time, apart from its main role of training new sailors, be assigned for such roles.

In conjunction with the navy’s 84 anniversary (Apr. 27), the RMN will open its bases to the public on Apr. 28 and 29 for ship visits as well as other activities. The bases opened to the public are Lumut, Kuantan, Langkawi, Tanjung Pengelih and Kota Kinabalu.

–Malaysian Defence

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