RMN Training Ships Set to be Completed

SHAH ALAM: PCU Gagah Samudera – RMN’s newest training ship – is expected to be towed to a shipyard up north (not BNS) this week where she will be outfitted and finally commissioned.

She was originally scheduled to arrive at the yard today (Dec 1) but the move was scrubbed as certain issues which come up need to be sorted out first. It is for this reason I am not naming the yard until the ship actually arrived there although I have already secured the confirmation on the revival of the project from various sources.

PCU Gagah Samudera, prior to her launch.
PCU Gagah Samudera, prior to her launch.

I was informed that if the issues were not settled, it might yet again delay the revival of the project.

It is expected that PCU Teguh Samudera, will join her sister ship for the same work once Gagah’s outfitting work has started. In the meantime, Teguh remained at former NGV Tech Sdn shipyard in Sinjangkang, Banting.

Both training vessels were assembled at the NGV Tech shipyard from modules delivered by DSME of South Korea. Gagah Samudera was launched on Dec 14, 2012 while Teguh Samudera on Feb 27, 2013. Both were supposed to be commissioned within six months.

Both ships remained incomplete and un-commissioned as NGV Tech was foreclosed by Maybank sometime in 2013. NGV Tech signed the RM294 million contract with RMN for the construction of the training vessels at LIMA 2011.

Hopefully, both ships will be in service by the end of 2015.

— Malaysian Defence

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