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SHAH ALAM: IT appears ever since it became a fully owned government company, Lumut Naval Shipyard or Lunas has realized it needs to be more transparent of its activities. It is now active on various social media platforms from X to Facebook.

The latest Lunas social media posting was the down-slipping of KD Ledang, one of RMN’s minesweepers which is undergoing a refit at the yard. That said the shipyard has not said anything on KD Kasturi and KM Langkawi, which are also undergoing their refits as well.

The main repair hall of the shipyard now marked Lunas. The hall was built as part of the modernization of the shipyard in preparation of the NGPV project. Screenshot.

The three ships had gone into refit when the shipyard was still a government-link company, Boustead Naval Shipyard (BNS) which did not announce the contract. However, Lunas only see fit to publicise Ledang (it was down slip on June 14) now it has been floated and being prepared for harbour and sea trials, by the shipyard and user, RMN.
KD Ledang being positioned using a low loader to the ship lifting gantry. Behind her is KD Sri Indera Sakti which is also undergoing a refit at the yard. Screenshot from Lunas video.

The social media post which a video of KD Ledang downslipping:

KD Ledang being towed and pushed by tug boats into her berth at the shipyard jetty. On the right is KD Kasturi, and left, KM Langkawi. On top is PCU Maharaja Lela.

From the video, we could also PCU Maharaja Lela, KD Kasturi and KM Langkawi at the shipyard’s jetty. The last time we saw Langkawi was when it was on the hardstand.
KD Ledang being towed into the jetty behind KM Langkawi. Next to Langkawi is KD Kasturi, which had been at the yard since late 2021. On top corner is KD Jebat which will undergo a refit at the yard soon.

Perhaps the shipyard thought it was better to publicise the work on Ledang instead of Kasturi and Langkawi. The video also showed KD Jebat berthed at the RMN jetty adjacent to the shipyard. She will soon undergo a refit at Lunas as well.

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  1. Oddly someone pointed out that BNS had been regularly socmed updating LCS before the Govt change in 2018 and this practice wasnt revived until now. I doubt being private or Govt owned has anything to do with that long absence.

  2. I believed it was the navy which were updating on the LCS programme before they stopped as the new chief was not too keen on social media unlike the one before.

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