MV Mega Bakti In SAR Operations

SHAH ALAM: MV Mega Bakti, the RMN submarine rescue vessel has sailed from Kota Kinabalu this morning to join the multinational search and rescue operation for missing Indonesian Navy submarine KRI Nanggala diesel submarine. Mega Bakti is expected to arrive at search location some 60nm north off Bali island on April 25, says a press release issued by the Defence Ministry today.

The ship carried 44 crew as well as 54 RMN personnel with seven officers and three Malaysian Armed Forces medical specialists. The mission is headed by Commander Mohd Hairul Fahmy who is the designated Coordinator Rescue Force.

MV Mega Bakti. TLDM picture

This will be the second SAR mission conducted by Mega Bakti, a ship leased by the ministry for submarine rescue. Among the equipment carried by Mega Bakti is the remotely operated intervention vehicle (IROV) with an operating depth of 650 metres and two, six-men decompression chamber.

MV Swift Rescue. RSN

Apart from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and India are also sending their submarine rescue vessel. Singapore’s MV Swift Rescue vessel was dispatched yesterday’s afternoon after the Indonesian navy asked for help to find the missing sub.

KRI Nanggala. Internet.

Nanggala pennant number 402 was conducting a simulated torpedo firing when it lost contact with the navy. The submarine was supposed to take part in a live firing exercise involving other Indonesian Navy ships in the area later this week.

MV Mega Bakti leaving KK naval base on 22 April, 2021. TLDM picture

Some 53 personnel were on board the submarine more than the usual number of 33 crew likely as part of the torpedo firing exercise. As of article is posted, the Indonesian Navy has yet to find the exact location of the missing submarine.

— Malaysian Defence

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