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  1. Hard to believe that the plan is for only 4 of these aircraft. Has anyone heard of the possibility of a follow-on order?

    Not until all 4 are delivered…

  2. how much price this flying cargo ?Is it capable to carry a PT91 tank ?

    The Pendekar is about 20 tanks heavier. Around RM500 a piece!

  3. In today’s STAR the Chief of RMAF said that the A400M was ‘better’ than the C-130. A bit of a premature statement IMO as the A400M has yet to enter operational service. And what is its per hour flight costs compared to the C-130?

    Better in context of the promised bigger payload and range. As per hour flight cost since a single A400M is able to carry twice the load of two Hercules it should be cheaper. However the proof will be in the eating or in this case during full flight operations of coures

  4. Dear all, The C130 is riddled with problems especially structural related. But the Americans knew how to solve the problem one at a time and over 50 years they acquire enough know how and most of the major problems have been ironed out. The C130 is an old bird. The C130J is no better and mired with many delays (even the White House is uncertain on the effectiveness of C130J). Hopefully the A400M will be a better bird and the RMAF will have less problem with them

    The Js are doing nicely

  5. I’m not privy to any inside info but from the sales it has generated, I would think that customers are very, very happy with the ‘J’.
    What remains to be seen, in the coming years, is whether the RMAF will go for an all A400M fleet, or will also go for ‘J’s…..

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