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  1. Alfatihah to both of the pilots…

    As those pilots are experienced, and not trainees, it may have been a technical problem. It must be stressed over and over again, periodic and timely maintainence is very2 important, and it will save our valuable pilots.

    Marhalim: From my friend in Langkawi, the plane was conducting touch and go at the airport and it appeared that the plane slammed on the end of the runway and burst onto flames. I am guessing that the plane was training for LIMA. Bernama latest story stated that it was a MK II version and the plane was on a diversionary training. If this is correct, this was the first fatal crash involving the MKIIs, two others also crashed but the pilots survived. Lets hope this time around RMAF will released the investigation report in full detail although its not expected.

  2. I was sitting at my office not far from the airport where i work. It’s is quite normal to hear aircraft taking off as my office is just located near the airport. While sitting at my office, I can hear an explosion, started with a small two explosion and last a loud one. I immediately rushed to the airport runway which is just 1 min away and can see the wreckage of the aircraft at the end of the runway. At that time the wind was very strong. There was a high possibility that the pilots lost control because of strong cross wind based on the airport wind speed indicator located at the airport. The indicator moved to the maximum at the time of the accident.

    Marhalim: Thanks for the information.

  3. let the investigation team do their work, so, juz leave it to the professionals

    Marhalim: Of course we are not going to ask others to do the investigation. Lets hope this time around, they will released the accident report, minus operational matters of course, instead of just releasing the board’s conclusion. Its what we learned and the recommendation from the board thats need to be highlighted, not just the how and why…

  4. This is no disrespect to our men and women in the Air Force. But why it appears that there are more crushes happened in our Air Force as compared to other air forces in this region?

    I was once told that our fighter pilots are some of the best in the south east asian region.

    Marhalim: I believe RMAF accident rates have gone down in recent years. I believe the PC7 fatal crash was the first since the Nuri went down in Genting Sempah. Our neighbouring country air force lost a plane and crews every two months…

  5. Eh marhalim, why you so like that? You ni siapa? tak kan you boleh understand the complex reports that the investigation will throw up. Ini Rahsia tahu…

    Marhalim: LOL

  6. just hoping that this time around, “THE PILOT ERROR” phrase will not be used, as a scapegoat. Just another lame excuse.

    Marhalim: This time around the plane got cockpit data and voice recorder, so they could really find out what happened although by only releasing the full report (minus operational secrets) only then we can be satisfied with the findings. BTW, initial investigations showed that the plane just drop from the sky and landed on its back.

  7. Actually, this was the 3rd MKII version that crashed of the 12 (?) purchased.

    First one crashed into the sea, luckily both the pilots ejected at high altitude. Second incident, belly landing, again both pilot survived. The third, late side ejection (that’s why 3 explosions), probably after aircraft stalled and strong cross wind not ruled out.

    Marhalim: I believe this was the first of latest batch of MK11s that was delivered before the last Lima. The first crash involved the first batch of MkIIs while the second one I believed was same batch as the first one.

  8. For the 2nd crash the plane survived intact with only bent props and could be repaired right?

    During the Langkawi crash, there was some very strong winds blowing over kedah that week, that might explain the nature of the crash.

    Marhalim: Yes, perhaps the one that belly landed could have been repaired, although I cannot confirmed it, I will try to find out in the next few weeks. It must be noted that the plane landed in a paddy field so it would have been an expensive affair to return it to flying status due to water damage.

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