Its D-Day (July 9, 2011)

SHAH ALAM: Despite the last minute the intervention of the King, it appears that the Bersih 2.0 rally will take place.

What ever what you might think about the rally – for or against – it is clear that the powers-that-be had not learnt from the current convulsions in the Middle East.

How it will end, is the one million dollar question. I sincerely hope every one will be fine and life goes on peacefully.

And there will be no need for the Armed Forces to go to the streets despite clear signs that they could be call in. Hopefully it will pass just like a few times in the past.

–Malaysian Defence

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Shah Alam


  1. salute to PDRM..
    that how PDRM should play their cards..
    keep ACES for last call:)

  2. The former U.S. ambassador, an Anwar admirer and apologist, had a one side, pro-opposition article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.

  3. Insulting! 3rd line of defence. Where are you? What a joke if you had seen them during BERSIH.
    Hopefully the gomen will learn something.
    Don’t brag! Don’t take people for granted.
    Rakyat will win the day GOD willing.
    The police, the military and the 3rd line of defense wake up and know your roles and functions under the Federal constitution.

  4. No armed forces deployed on the streets yesterday. Your concern over the use of armed forces shows that it doesnt take much to plunge this country into chaos. Things can get out of hand easily. If the protesters want to take it to the extreme, there is a price to pay. The police force does not have enough manpower to man every street in case things get out of hand and so if they call in the army, dont put the blame on them entirely. Action results in consequences. If the protesters want to copycat Thailand and Egypt style democracy, then be prepared to accept Thailand and Egypt style casualties. Perhaps we all got tired of living in peace all these years.

    For those who support this publicity rally, dont be too proud with what you achieve yesterday because it can and will be use against you too should you come into power someday. Those who come to power by the street often shown the exit pretty much the same way.

    Whether or not we live in peace lies in our own hands and not the powers that be alone.

  5. I followed the event minute by minute, via Internet yesterday. I think one of the learning points yesterday was never to under estimate the Peoples’ power.

    They stated their objective – Stadium Merdeka. They stated their timing – 2 to 4. And despite all things Police put up; saved for the firearms of course – the Protesters achieved occupying the spot.

    Those familiar with KL should know Stadium Merdeka is on a hill. Out of 3 possible routes, 2 were next to IPK KL and old Dang Wangi’s balai.

    Anyway I am relieved that everything turns ‘that way’ yesterday. The picture of Police ‘jamu makan di balai yesterday’ means a lot. Alhamdullillah.

    The strategies of blocking traffic and isolating leaders were the decisive factors. When protesters arrived at Jalan Stadium, both sides, they did not confront the FRU. The failure of the rally leaders to have lower echelon leaders at the site proved to be the lucky factor for police whose other actions proved they were really not prepared for demos.

  6. The ‘political’ problems in Malaysia are rooted in a ‘crisis of leadership’. I believe everyone understands that ultimately the style of governance must change, but when one looks at the opposition and all other alternatives, it is depressing. Not to mention that most people are just trying to make a basic life for themselves and their families. Who has time or can risk taking on this ‘dato’ that ‘tan sri’ or whatever?

    But if you want wait for the right alternative, you have to wait for eternity. In a real democracy, if the government do not want to change, changed the government its that simple…

  7. FareedLHS,
    Well said, both are rotten apple, but we want the best side of both apples.

  8. What choice do we have. Do you want Lim GE to be our next PM? Whilst LKS is a Mentor Minister? PAS and PR are just “kuda tunggang” for DAP. The reality is better befriend the devil than the angel we don’t know. Are the Malays ready to forgo the special right existed now? I am for meritocracy for one as I don’t need any assistance from the govt, on the contrary, likewise. Remember the May 13, incident caused by the economic disparity. Let the PRU13 be the judge whether the majority Malays are ready for the change. Otherwise, just follow the rule of the land or shut up/ship out if you disagreed.

  9. Hui,

    My point is precisely what I mentioned, one sided. One would expect a balanced account from the Wall Street Journal.

  10. Agreed with Ashraf. I hope if the opposition trio is really going to rule Malaysia in the upcoming general election (PRU-13), I pray that they wouldn’t have problem to choose who’re going to be the prime minister. Anwar, Hadi or Lim. (oopps no Indian there… so racist-lah!)

    Personally I have no problems with whoever becomes the PM just as long as Defence is taken care off and given its due. I understand mistakes I make plenty of them but scheming and using Defence for selfish gains is a huge No No

  11. Well.. DSAI is a lackey of the US is not entirely a preposterous idea. His dealings with them when in power certainly parallels the modus operandi of economic hitmen, the various think tanks, the tenure at GWU… and he\’s not exactly popular to become a PM either. And while it is easy to say that all these demos happening worldwide recently is due to facebook and social media, has anyone really wondered as to who finances such things? I mean, you don\’t call for foreign help via fbmail.

    There are plenty of businessmen who played both sides of the political divide. Of course for the other side they don’t do it publicly. Its business nothing personal…

  12. Marhalim,
    Think about it this way. If the gov runs more efficient as partially shown in Penang and Sel, a drop in %GDP while a rise in total GDP value might be better off.

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